Jaws of Terror

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Jaws of Terror  
Cover of Jaws of Terror
Author(s) John Braden
Illustrator Pablo Marcos and Judith Marcos
Language English
Series Transformers
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Kid Stuff Records & Tapes
Publication date 1986
Media type Print (Softcover)
Pages 24
ISBN 0876601832
Preceded by Storms of Destruction
Followed by Slaves of the Insecticons

Jaws of Terror is a children's fiction book and audio story from the Transformers series. It was published in 1986.[1]


Megatron attacks an Autobot base with his new weapon: The Crusher!



  1. Braden, John (1985). Jaws of Terror. Kid Stuff Records & Tapes. ISBN 0876601832. 

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