James Huyler Ford

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James Huyler Ford was a public official, in New York City.[1] He was best known for serving as a Captain of the fire department's first official fireboat, the William Frederick Havemeyer. He subsequently served as the manager of the New York Stock Exchange's pages.


Ford first started working fulltime at twelve years old, when he served as a cabin boy.[1] He was an early volunteer for the Union side, during the American Civil War. He first served as a drummer boy, because he was still only Template:Convert/inch tall.

After the war he went west, and worked as a prospector, and then as a Texas Ranger.[1]

His obituary said he was appointed to command the William Frederick Havemeyer in 1870, although the vessel wasn't ordered until 1874.[1]

He served at the Stock Exchange for twenty-four years.


Ford was married for over sixty years.[1] He died suddenly one day after his wife passed away, on July 23, 1944.