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Jahid D'cruz
Native name মোহাম্মদ জাহিদ
Born 11 April 2004 (2004-04-11) (age 17)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • YouTuber
Known for

Jahid D'cruz (born 11 April 2004) is a YouTuber and Influencer. He is a professional Youtuber with more then 200k Subscribers. His youtube channel name is Jahid Tech, this channel based on sociial media tips and tricks.[1] He has also a Influencer and Entrepreneur.

Early life

Jahid D'cruz was born and brought up in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He attended Mohammadpur Goverment High School in Mohammadpur. His father, Mohammad Jabed, is a Businessmen.


Jahid Tech - YouTube Channel

Jahid D'cruz started his channel at only 14 years old while in the Dhaka. Jahid strated his first channel in 2017 named Technical Mind, but this channel monetization was disabled after 1 year hardly works. He was too depressed but in December 2019, he created again a channel named Jahid Tech. And this channel grew and now its an professional youtube channel based on Social Media Tutorials.[2] In 2021, Jahid completed his 100k subscribers. His channel Language is Hindi but he lives in Bangladesh. Because he grew up from [Camp] in Mohammadpur, Dhaka

Jahid Tech - Website

Jahid Tech[3] is a refrence website of his channel Jahid Tech, where he posts many articles about technical news, tips and tricks, mobile phone updates, etc. Jahid created this website in Februray 2020, and after 6 months this website got monetized by adsense.

Jedtube - Website

Jahid created his 2nd website on january 2021 named JedTube[4] and he also posts technical related posts to this website and after 2 months this page also got monetized by adsense.

Personal life

Jahid D'cruz Has Established A Reputation As A Successful Entrepreneur. Jahid Is An Bangladeshi YouTuber, Digital Marketer, And Business Man. Instagram Personality From Dhaka, Bangladesh

Social media Links

▶Instagram: @Jahid__tech[[1]]
▶YouTube: Jahid Tech[[2]]
▶Facebook: Jahid Tech[[3]]

▶Twitter: Jahid Tech[[4]]
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