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Jawad Ali Blue Badge.png
Born 26 February 1997
Nationality Pakistani
Other names Jafiey
Education Graduation
Known for Younger Photographer Internationally
Notable works Wedding Photoshoots
Awards 2021 certified Photographer in Pakistan

Jawad Ali(Jafiey) was born 26 February 1997 Mansehra, Kpk Pakistan[1] Jawad ali Pakistani Actor &

Wedding,Fashion photographer[2]

Early Life

Early life Jafiey was born in Mansehra district, khyber pakhtunkhwa, on February 26, 1997. He is the son of Muhammad Haroon. His father was a politician and his mother is a homemaker. Jafiey has 1 older brother, 4 older sister, and a younger brother Zaheer khan. He completed his schooling from the Institute Army burn Hall, and graduated from the School of Hazara University (Bachelor in Arts)[3][4]


Jawad Ali worked for Pakistani brands in which Khaadi, bata he took wedding photos and is currently doing his own work called Jawadpics[4]

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