Jacob Poroo

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Jacob Poroo
Died Template:Death date
Nationality United States
Other names Jacob Lauri Arthur Poroo
Occupation sailor
Known for namesake of a USCG cutter

Jacob Poroo was a medic for the United States Coast Guard who died of burns suffered when fire struck the remote Alaskan base he was assigned to, on June 2, 1968.[1][2] The recreation hall of the Loran station at Adak, Alaska, started to burn on June 2, 1968.[3]

After Poroo and other men escaped from a burning building he re-entered it after hearing cries for help.[1][4] After he had been terribly burned a head count determined that no one was missing. A Coast Guard account of the event records that, even though he was horribly burned himself, Poroo guided uninjured men in how to properly care for those who had been burned.

Poroo died on June 18, 1968.[3]


A posthumous Coast Guard Medal was awarded to Poroo.[4]

In 2010, Charles "Skip" W. Bowen, who was then the Coast Guard's most senior non-commissioned officer, proposed that all 58 cutters in the Sentinel class should be named after enlisted sailors in the Coast Guard, or one of its precursor services, who were recognized for their heroism.[5][6][7] In 2015 the Coast Guard announced that Jacob Poroo would be the namesake of the 25th cutter, USCGC Jacob L. A. Poroo.[8] She was built in Lockport, Louisiana, at the Bollinger shipyards, and delivered to the Coast Guard on September 5, 2017. After completing her sea trials, the cutter was commissioned on December 8, 2017.[9]


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