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Jack Mason Ponishare-verified.png
Born 1989
Nationality British
Citizenship United Kingdom
Education Manchester Metropolitan University
Occupation Co-Founder and Group CEO of Inc&Co
Years active 2019-present
Organization Inc&Co

Jack Mason (born 1989), is an English Entrepreneur, Group CEO and Co-founder of Inc&Co.[1] Jack has survived two battles with cancer.[2] He also founded a £1million tech startup.


He started selling candy at school when he was 15 and now is Group CEO of award-winning Inc&Co and director of 90 companies in the United Kingdom.[3] He oversees company practices designed to integrate business to improve business, marketing, business and collaboration. As an entrepreneur, he started a school catering business.

He has worked in many creative digital industries over the years and learned many lessons along the way. His goal now is to use his knowledge and experience to advance my businesses. He also provides support, training and advice. Now, with Inc&Co, his team's aim is to help and support life continues by buying products that, with the right team, take unique businesses and turn them into business goals.


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