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This article is a stub. You can help WikiAlpha by expanding it. Jack is the name of several characters in the Transformers franchise.


A friend of Chromedome and Abel's in Transformers: The Headmasters who took part in training to become a Headmaster but was unable to complete it; he subsequently became a scientist who participated in the creation of the Fortress Maximus Transtector. He was later reunited with Chromedome when the Autobots came to Master in pursuit of the Decepticons, but was captured by them and interrogated in an effort to unlock the secrets of Cerebros' Master Sword. Failing to learn what they wanted, the Decepticons implanted a bomb in Jack, equipped him with weapons, and had Mindwipe hypnotize him to board Fortress Maximus and destroy it. Briefly engaging the Autobots, he was wounded but not killed by Chromedome and freed from Mindwipe's hypnosis, and warned his comrade of the Decepticons' quest just before the bomb exploded, killing him.