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JOMBIE ( Rapper)
Nationality Viet Nam
Occupation Rapper

JOMBIE real name is "Nguyen Cuong Thinh" Born on July 1, 1993 Leader of G5R - a famous rap group in the West, founded on May 27, 2009 including members Jombie, Tkan, Brother Dragon, Danhka, Sakhar, Worm, Gumin, Bean, Sinkra... [1]

Career life

Jimmy went from a car painter to a famous rapper in the Vietnamese underground community. [2]

Art style and songs

After more than 10 years of musical activity, the male rapper has had many million-viewed products on YouTube channel G5R SQUAD Recently, he has debuted with many products that have left a good impression, such as Su Hong Gai with more than 58 million views, top 4 YouTube trending, entering the nomination category. "Favorite rap/hiphop song ZMA 2020" and Hong Tan - top 7 YouTube trending after 3 days of release

Collaborative single and featured track

  • Ngoc Ivory Wall
  • Coffee Without Sugar [3]
  • Hong Tan
  • Bat Nha Bells
  • Ly Tao Says
  • Westside Squad
  • Tay Son Hao Kiet

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