JD Rossetti

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JD Rossetti
Born Justin "JD" Rossetti
November 12, 1981
Hillsboro, Oregon, U.S.
Nationality American
Education Lower Columbia College
Washington State University (Bachelor's Degree in Public Affairs)
Evergreen State College (Master's Degree in Public Administration)
Occupation Politician, political consultant, businessman

Justin “JD” Rossetti is an American Democratic politician known for representing the 19th district in the Washington House of Representatives. During his time as a representative, he also served on Washington’s Community Economic Revitalization Board. He is currently a political consultant and founder of political consulting firm Juxtapolitico.[1]

Early life and education

Justin “JD” Rossetti was raised in Hillsboro, Oregon. He attended Rainier High School.[2][3] Rossetti attended the community college Lower Columbia College for two years before he transferred into Washington State University Vancouver[4] for the last two years of his college education. He graduated with a B.A. in Public Affairs in 2011.[5] Before his graduation, Rossetti joined an internship program that allowed him to serve as an intern for state senator Brian Hatfield during his senior year.[4]

At the Evergreen State College, Rossetti also earned an M.A. in Public Administration.[1]


From 2013-2017, Rossetti served as director of the Longview School District’s Board of Education.[6][7]

Rossetti was elected to the House of Representatives as a representative of Washington’s 19th legislative district on October 22, 2015. He succeeded Dean Takko in this position. Speaker of the House Frank Chopp also appointed Rossetti to Washington State’s Community Economic Revitalization Board in June 2016.[8] As a representative, Rossetti introduced several House Bills such as 2246,[9][10] 2296,[11] 2651,[12] 2727,[13] and 2847.[14] Rossetti left his position as the 19th district representative on December 8, 2016.

Rossetti has served as a guest contributor to publications such as the Camas-Washougal Post-Record[15] and The Daily News.[16] In addition to his political career, Rossetti is an entrepreneur who has founded businesses such as web design and development firm JD Rose,[17] printing company Minuteman Press,[18] and political consulting firm Juxtapolitico.[1]


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