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J. Say

J. Say in 2020
Born Julias Say
6 November 2001 (2001-11-06) (age 18)
Austin, Texas
Nationality American
Occupation Musical artist
Known for Music

Julias Say, most popular as the calling name J. Say is an American musician and performer who mostly centers around issues that are hard to examine - like trust, forlornness and dread. However, when this capable up-and-comer's verses meet his tunes, all heads begin gesturing along to the beat as though in brought together consent to whatever the message might be. [1][2]

Early life

J. Say was born on November 6, 2001 in Austin,Texas but soon after moved to California. It was just him and his mom for a year struggling to make ends meet until they met his step dad who eventually took them in and raised him as his own. Growing up he lived a very diverse life


At the point when J. Say originally began making music he didn't know numerous different craftsmen around. His city is tiny and the regions around don't generally zero in on music so he figured there wasn't much around until he attended a university.

Love for music

The individuals he met there acquainted him with a hover of individuals who made music too. In the wake of setting aside the effort to become acquainted with everybody he found that they all mutual a similar love for music as him and they'd before long become incredible companions.

The enthusiasm

He would begin to build different specialists and meet in a steady progression. The enthusiasm and ability they all mutual pushed them to work more enthusiastically and need to focus light towards them. They really think South Carolina is home to the absolute generally skilled and inventive craftsmen to be exceptional at this point.

The development

The development he seen between everybody around is astounding and there is so much decent variety. It craftsmen who have a genuine enthusiasm and love for making that do right by him to state they're from his zone. He is planning to switch things up and shed light onto the music scene here on the grounds that he don't need their music to not be heard.


  • J. Say has earned a loyal following among young hip-hip and pop enthusiasts who made his first few singles into hits.


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