Ivan Gonzalez Barrasa

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Ivan Gonzalez Barrasa

Photo of Ivan Gonzalez Barrasa
Born Jul 31 2003
Madrid, España
Nationality Spanish
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 2022 to present
Known for Entrepreneur And Programmer.

Ivan Gonzalez Barrasa [1](born 31 Jul 2003 in Madrid, Spain) is an entrepreneur and programmer. Also known as BarrasaDev, he is a 19-year-old entrepreneur and programmer[2] with great computer skills, at his young age, has carried out several successful projects.


Ivan Gonzalez Barrasa started programming[3] when he was just 13 years old[4], creating his first virtual server in Arma3 in the RPG (RolePlayGame) style, which was not very successful, because the video game was still booming. Just 4 months later, Ivan got all the success he deserved with his second server in the game and started developing his own scripts and programs to improve it.

Early life

2019 saw the launch of Ivan Gonzalez Barrasa first big proyect. He, Javier Loureiro and Pedro Ansio started Nexbi[5] in 2021. Nexbi is a social network based on esports and games where users share experiences, find teammates, sell and buy items, earn rewards, challenge other players, fund their own ideas and much more. In addition to his business, Ivan has a digital newspaper, which uploads news about gaming and video games[6]. One of the most well-liked apps is WordPress or PHP.

Social Media Handles



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