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Isaac Mayo
Nationality United States
Known for heroic life saving

Isaac Mayo was a junior surfman in the United States lifesaving service -- one of the agencies later amalgamated into the United States Coast Guard.[1] On April 4, 1879, he lead multiple and eventually successful efforts to rescue seamen stranded in an offshore wreck at the height of a violent storm.

The schooner Sarah J. Fort was wrecked on a sandbank just off Cape Cod.[1] Initial attempts to row a rescue boat out to the wrecked and disintegrating schooner failed, with two boatmen lost overboard. By the time the tide had gone out the initial rescue crew was exhausted, and Mayo was part of a second boat crew. The boat was swamped and wrecked. Mayo rallied and lead a third rescue attempt in a smaller rescue boat that was ultimately successful at rescuing the last four survivors of the schooner's crew.

To honor his bravery and leadership Mayo was honored with a Gold Lifesaving Medal.[1]

USCGC Isaac Mayo

In 2010 when the Coast Guard decided that all the new Sentinel class cutters would be named after Coast Guard personnel who had been recognized for their heroism Mayo was one of those to be honored.[1][2] The twelfth cutter in the class will be named the USCGC Isaac Mayo.


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