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Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan
Native name Template:سید اقرار الحسن
Born 29 May 1984 (1984-05-29) (age 38)[1]
Faisalabad, Pakistan
Alma mater G.C University, Lahore
Occupation Investigative journalist
Years active 2006–present
Employer ARY News
Television Sar e Aam

Qurat-ul-Ain Iqrar (m. 2005)

Farah Iqrar
(m. Template:Tooltip)
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Children 1[1]

Syed Iqrar Ul Hassan (اقرار الحسن سید) is a Pakistani television presenter and journalist.[3] He has worked at ARY News for many years. Previously a newscaster, he now hosts a program called Sar e Aam.


On April 29, 2016, Iqrar along with his Sar-e-Aam team were wrongfully arrested[4] on orders of the Sindh Home Minister for highlighting the poor security in the Sindh Assembly, but was granted bail just a day later.[5]

He has also done sting-operations in numerous factories, restaurants and even police stations, these places were accused of bribery, corruption, adulteration[6]

Personal life

Iqrar Ul Hassan joined the Pakistani electronic media in 2006 as a reporter on ARY One World (now known as ARY News). He began his news coverage profession as a newscaster for ARY News. His first wife Qurat-ul-Ain Hassan now called Qurat-ul-Ain Iqrar whom he got married in 2008 is a journalist. Iqrar-ul-Hassan and Qurat-ul-Ain have a son together named Pehlaaj Hassan (b. 2010).[7] He got married a second time with another TV journalist Farah Yousuf in 2012 in a private ceremony.

His son, Pehlaaj, is a child actor and social media personality who notably played the character of young Momin, the protagonist of the television series Alif starring Hamza Ali Abbasi.[7][8][9][10][11] His performance received positive reviews and he was nominated for the Best Emerging Talent in TV award at the 2021 Lux Style Awards.[10][12][13]


  • In 2013, he won Agahi Award for “Anchor of the Year”
  • In 2019, he won the 10th Pakistan Achievement Award for the “Best Tv Show of the Year” Sar-e-Aam


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