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Type Private
Industry Web development
Founded October 5, 2021
Headquarters Middletown, Delaware
Area served Worldwide
Products Software as a service
Iofod Logo

iofod, Inc. is a Corporation founded in Middletown, USA, that provides software as a service for the visual building of applications and websites. Their visual editor supports developers, designers and entrepreneurs to build cross-platform applications together online.[1]


Iofod is a Low-code development platform that provides SaaS. Users can build applications with the infrastructure provided by the platform and generate code for the corresponding platform with the help of the common DSL generated during the building process.[2] Developers can use the cross-platform capabilities provided by Web or Flutter to generate apps compatible with Android and iOS.[3]


Founded in 2021 through the Stripe Atlas, iofod raised venture funds from individual investors in relevant overseas technology industries and currently participates in the AWS Activate program.[4]

Competitors in the Low-code are Salesforce, Wix, Bootstrap Studio and Adobe_Muse.


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  2. IFstruct A generic application DSL
  3. iofod/IFstruct-parser: Parse IFstruct into executable code
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