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Instant Keno is a casino game produced by Expanse Studios, created in 2021 as a web game. Made in the image of lottery games with numbers, this game is a combination of a casino and a lottery game. [1][2][3]

Game Features

Instant Keno contains betting numbers from 1 to 80, 20 are drawn, and the goal is to guess as many numbers as possible. Accordingly, 80 fields are drawn on the game board, divided into four colors, and the game begins by selecting a bet. There is the possibility of manually selecting 2-10 numbers, and players also have a button for random number selection. In addition, it is possible to play several hands at the same time, which can be tracked on the board in the lower right corner. [4][5]

Additional Bets

In addition to the main bet, which includes selecting a maximum of 10 numbers, Instant Keno contains additional bets. Thus, players on the right side of the main board can place bets on:

  • The color of the first number drawn
  • Evenness / oddness of the first number
  • First number lower than or higher than 40.5
  • The sum of the first five numbers less than or greater than 202.5

The winnings in the Instant Keno game depend on how many numbers are guessed, after which the stake in the game is multiplied by the payout ratio. Also, when drawing numbers, one multiplier is chosen which will additionally process the winnings in the game. As for the auxiliary keys, Instant Keno has shortcuts for doubling the value of the stakes, resetting the same stakes and the history of the hands played. [6][7][8]

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