Imtiaz Ahmed

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Imtiaz Ahmed

Picture of Imtiaz Ahmed
Native name ইমতিয়াজ আহমেদ
Born 01 Nov 2001
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Music Artist
Known for Entrepreneur, Singer, Musical Artist, Musician. Music Composer

Imtiaz Ahmed is a musical artist, singer, writer, guitarist and entrepreneur. Imtiaz Ahmed was born on 1 November 2001 in Noakhali district. Apart from Bangladesh, it is also very popular in other countries.Imtiaz Ahmed is a Bangladeshi music artist, entrepreneur, and digital marketer. His interest in writing and digital marketing has made him a familiar face through this medium since his student days. He is now known as a musician and digital marketer in Bangladesh after 19 years. Imtiaz Ahmed is both a guitarist and an entrepreneur, and a writer.