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Illumina (also known by the name Lumina) is a human girl from the Transformers franchise, first appearing in Transformers: Victory.


Generation 1

Animated series

Illumina is introduced in Transformers: Victory attending a school on Earth where Jan Minakaze is enrolled after Star Saber's forces take up residence on the planet. Though she and the other students aren't quite sure what to make of Jan initially-and some others become openly hostile after the Autobot presence associated with Jan inadvertently leads to a Decepticon attack on the school-they soon befriend Jan after the Autobots save the day. Jan and Illumina become particularly close as time goes by, with him inviting her to the Autobot base and becoming concerned when she comes in to danger from Decepticon activities.

Jan later constructs a mech with aid from the Autobots and, after using it to help defend the school from another Decepticon attack, asks Illumina permission to name it after her; blushing, she agrees, and then learns that he has already had the name Illumina II placed on it in anticipation of her affirmative answer. Later, after Deathsaurus' Fortress begins bombarding Earth, Jan travels to the school fearing for Illumina's safety, but arrives to find her and the other students are safe. After Deathsaurus' defeat, she and Jan continue to go through school together, growing closer all the time.