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Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi Ponishare-verified.png

Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi
Native name Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi
Born 1998/08/11
Owerri,Imo State, Nigeria
Residence Owerri, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Education Imo State University
Occupation Nigerian writer, filmmaker

Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi Ponishare-verified.png is a Nigerian writer and filmmaker. He is popular for his book, '7 Colors Of A Rainbow' and has worked on numerous movies and video projects. Prior to his writing and filmmaking career, Clifford has always been a blogger. He worked as a freelance writer for some of the world's biggest media brands like Huffington Post and Forbes.

Early Life

Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi Ponishare-verified.png was born on the 11th of August, 1998 in Owerri, Imo State to Mr Patrick and Mrs Geraldine, Igbo. He has a twin brother, Igbo Stanford Onyemaizuchi and had his primary education at the Logos International Nursery and Primary School. Clifford proceeded to the Logos International Secondary School before studying Nutrition and Dietetics at the Imo State University. It was while in school that he began his first blog.

Personal Life

Igbo Clifford Chimaizuobi Ponishare-verified.png keeps his relationship life personal and not much about it is online.


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