Ibrahim bin Laden

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Ibrahim bin Laden
Nationality Saudi
Occupation hier
Known for step brother of Osama bin Laden

Ibrahim bin Laden is a Saudi, a son of construction mogul Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden and step brother to terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden.[1]

Like most of Osama bin Laden's siblings he is not suspected of ties with terrorism. Many of his siblings had ambitions of their own, but Ibrahim has said "I have never worked a day in my life".[2] According to Steve Coll, author a book the bin Laden family, Ibrahim stood out, at family gatherings were the siblings dined out, as the only brother who didn't compete to pick up the check.

Ibrahim bin Laden lived in what was known as a mansion in Bel Air, prior to al Qaeda's attack on September 11, 2001.[1] He shared the house with his wife Christine Hartunian Sinay, and their daughter, prior to their 1993 divorce. He was out of America when the attack occurred, and never returned to it, following the attacks.

Ibrahim bin Laden was in the news, again, during the summer of 2021, when real estate dealers tried to sell the home for him. He was asking $28.[1]

No one had lived on the property since al Qaeda's attacks, but the property was rented out as a film set for half a dozen pornographic movies.[1]

Some real estate experts predict a new buyer will tear down the existing mansion, and build a new house.[1]