I Can Deal With This Now!

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I Can Deal With This Now!  
First page of I Can Deal With This Now!
Author(s) C Z Hazard
Illustrator Iohannes Vinci
Series Keith's Fantasy Club fictional universe
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publication date April 2014
Pages 6
Preceded by Re-Evolution

I Can Deal With This Now! is a work of third-party Transformer fiction written by C.Z. Hazard and illustrated by Iohannes Vinci. It was included in the instructions for Keith's Fantasy Club Citizen Stack in 2014.[1]


Citizen Stack scavenges a battlefield for parts. He remains hidden when the Sky Pirates arrive also looking to scavenge. The pirates discover Stax, damaged but living, and take him prisoner. After the Sky Pirates leave Krank accuses Citizen Stax of not caring for others, being untouchable, for not saving Stax. Stack wonders why Krank did nothing to save his friend, but Krank says he's nearly out of power. Stack offers Krank a lift. After crashing into the Sky Pirate headquarters the pair kill a Sky Pirate. Haiku, Sencho Barbossa and Tsunami flee. The pair free Badbat, Haymaker, Mugan Vox, Overslay and Stax from the pirate's prison. Krank asks Stack to return home with them, but he says he isn't ready to return to life yet. Krank asks the name of his new friend, and he responds that it is Citizen Stack.


Sky Pirates Others
Haiku Citizen Stack
Sencho Barbossa Stax
Tsunami Krank
Unnamed Sky Pirate Badbat
Mugan Vox


  • The title of this story is a parody of a line Ultra Magnus spoke in The Transformers: The Movie, "I can't deal with that now!"
  • Citizen Stack and Sencho Barbossa are the only two characters properly mentioned by name in the comic, although there is a name drop for Stax.
  • Haiku speaks in haiku form in all his lines in the comic, although an editing error changed him from saying "I am" to "I'm"... ruining one of his haiku.
  • The unnamed Sky Pirate killed by Citizen Stack and Krank is colored purple, green and grey, similar to a Generation 1 Sharkticon.
  • Krank and Stax are not Keith's Fantasy Club characters, but were used with permission from X-Transbots.



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