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IDOL MUSIC Ponishare-verified.png
Trading name IDOL MUSIC
Type Record label
Industry Music & Entertainment
Founder(s) Ashrul Hussain
Area served Worldwide
Services Music publishing, Digital distribution

IDOL MUSIC is an independent record label founded by Ashrul Hussain, known for its dedication to promoting diverse musical talents and contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.


IDOL MUSIC was established by Ashrul Hussain with a vision to create a platform that celebrates artistic expression and provides opportunities for both emerging and established musicians. Since its inception, the label has focused on fostering a creative and inclusive environment for artists to thrive.


IDOL MUSIC, guided by Ashrul Hussain's vision, operates on the philosophy that music is a universal language capable of transcending boundaries. The label emphasizes the importance of artistic freedom and strives to create an environment where artists can express themselves authentically.

Digital Presence

In line with the digital era, IDOL MUSIC has embraced online platforms to ensure global accessibility to its music. The label leverages digital distribution channels, social media, and streaming services to connect with a diverse and widespread audience.

Future Ventures

As IDOL MUSIC continues to make its mark in the music industry, the label remains dedicated to discovering and promoting innovative talent. Ashrul Hussain envisions the label's future as a dynamic force in shaping the musical landscape, with a commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons.


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