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HyperIn Inc.
Type Limited company
Industry Service provider
Founded 2008
Founder(s) Markus Porvari
Timo Arnivuo
Headquarters Helsinki, Finland
Area served Worldwide
Key people
  • Markus Porvari, founder, President and CEO
  • Timo Arnivuo, co-founder, Creative Director
  • Hannu Käki, Vice-President, Business Development
  • Petteri Lappalainen, Head of Product Development
  • Anne Alarousu, Director, People & Culture
  • Jean Carlos Delgado, Director, Brand & Marketing
Products Software Platform
Services Enterprise resource planning
Website www.hyperin.com

HyperIn Inc., stylized as Hyper[In], is a Finnish software company with headquarters in Helsinki, which provides services for retail real estate.[1][2] Markus Porvari is the incumbent chief executive officer of the company.[3][4]

HyperIn provides a cloud-based solution to clients, so they can manage their shopping malls.[5]

The company has representation in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia, with R&D centers in Helsinki, Finland and in Hong Kong.

HyperIn Inc. provides management and monetization software solutions for shopping centers. It offers Manage, a solution for people managing shopping malls; Monetize, an e-commerce platform that provides various tools to sell advertising and promotional spaces of malls; and Connect which provides a tool for communication with consumers.


The company was founded in 2008 by Markus Porvari and Timo Arnivuo.[6][7]

HypenIn was also included in Red Herring Top 100 Winner in recognition of their leading technology and innovation history.[8][9][10]

HyperIn was later awarded as a 2012 Red Herring Europe Top 100 Winner at the Red Herring Europe Forum in Amsterdam[11] and was selected for the 2014 Red Herring Global Finalists.[12]

Service features


  • Dashboard
  • Sales Reporting
  • Tenant Self-Service
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)


  • Media Management
  • Reservation Calendar
  • Online Sales Portal
  • Partner Access


  • Content Management
  • Mobile Loyalty Application
  • Shopping Mall and Campaign Web Sites
  • Digital Signage and Wayfinding


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