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Dr. Hussein Abdelfatah Ponishare-verified.png
Native name حسين عبد الفتاح
Born January 27, 1976 (1976-01-27) (age 48)
Cairo, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Citizenship Egypt
Education PhD, Germany
Occupation University Professor
Organization Suez Canal University
Height 178 cm
Awards Ministry of Higher Education PhD Fellowship

Hussein Mohamed Abdelsalam Abdelfatah (born 27 January 1976) is an Egyptian university professor and researcher.[1][2][3] A graduate of the University of Education Karlsruhe, Germany, Abdelfatah became a full-time faculty member at the Suez Canal University in 2011.[4] Abdelfatah's research primarily covers education technology & pedagogy, collaborative learning techniques, curriculum development, and E-learning environments.[5][6]

Throughout his career, Abdelfatah has participated in numerous conferences locally and abroad, including events in the United States, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Lebanon, Egypt, Portugal, Japan, China, and the Kingdom of Bahrain.[7]

Early life and education

Abdelfatah was born on 27 January 1976 in Cairo, Egypt. After completing his Master's degree at Suez Canal University, Abdelfatah earned a PhD fellowship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt, and became a Ph.D. candidate, studying Education Technology and Mathematics Education at the University of Education Karlsruhe in Germany.[8] He has invented a new learning approach which so-called "DGStory", A Story-Based Dynamic Geometry Approach based on a developed e-Learning Environment and the well-known Dynamic Geometry Software.[9]


Soon after receiving his doctorate in 2011, Abdelfatah started managing the e-Learning center while working with his staff to develop a number of e-Learning university courses in various scientific fields that were later used by several Egyptian Universities.[10]

He then began working as a university professor in Ismailia, Egypt. Since then, Abdelfatah has also served as a reviewer for several international publications and taken place in global projects, conferences, and workshops.[11][12]

Selected Publications

  • 2004: The Effectiveness of a Multimedia Based Program for Primary Prospective Teachers (Math's Section) to Acquire the Applied Mathematics Prerequisites and Its Transfer of Learning
  • 2010: Improving Attitudes towards Geometric Proof through A Suggested Story-Based Dynamic Geometry Approach
  • 2011: A story-based dynamic geometry approach to improve attitudes toward geometry and geometric proof
  • 2015: The effect of using a developed spoken social networking website on instructional technology students attitudes and habits in Egypt
  • 2016: A Developed Social Android App To Acquire Design Skills For Instructional Technology Students In Egypt.

Personal life

Abdelfatah is married and has three daughters. He is fluent in Arabic as a native language, English, and German.


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