Hridoy Ahmed

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Hridoy Ahmed Ponishare-verified.png
Born Hridoy Ahmed
16 September 1994
United States
Nationality American , British , Australian
Occupation Model , Athlete , Actor , Entrepreneur, Writer , Singer , Rapper , Producer
Years active 2006-Present
Known for Model , Actor , Athlete, Entrepreneur
Height 5' 11" (Five feet eleven inches)
Weight 78.5 KGS (overall athletic, body fat percentages 1%)

Hridoy Ahmed is an American Model, Athlete, Actor, Entrepreneur, Singer , Rapper , Producer and Songwriter. He was born in 16th September 1994 in Queens, New York, United States of America.

For Educational and professional purposes he received 11 top ranked countries permanent citizenships, are United States (by born) , Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden , France , Italy , United Kingdom, Australia, NewZealand and Bangladesh (as an identity of heritages).

Early life :

He completed his BSC and MSC at University of Columbia in NewYork , United States of America. Then, he completed his PGD at Toronto Metropolitan University in Toronto, ON, Canada. Also, Completed his Professional Nutritionist Diploma at the University of Sussex, in Rye, East Sussex , England, United Kingdom. Moreover, he gained lots certification from international state universities and become more professional, however he is still now researching in lots of things in International Institutions to make him more professionally extremely exceptional extraordinary, as he says, “ There’s no limitations to gaining knowledge and making more professional self “

Career :

He is the Founder of Hridoy Digital Media , Gadgets Pro , Hridoy International INC LTD , Fly Luxuriously, Hridoy’s Dine, Import & Export Internationally LTD and many more MultiInternational Business Industries working with international Media industries along. He started his career at a very young age of 13 and achieved lots things in a very short period. 
 He’s Verified on every social media platforms and many more music platforms also long time ago.

Speech :

According to Hridoy Ahmed, “Without hard work and dedication , you can’t be successful in your life. Just keep chasing your day dreams , be focused, concentrated , passionate, most importantly keep faith in the Almighty first and then in yourself , nobody can ever stop you to make the day dreams into reality and reach at your dream destination[s]”