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The House of the Nobel Bear one of the legions in the Mythic Legions fictional setting.

Mythic Legions


Under the leadership of the banished Attlus, these warriors have been assembled from the outskirts and wastelands of Mythoss. Although not as organized and regimented as the ranks of the proper armies, this ragtag collection of commoners boasts legions and legions of powerful defenders. Its members include humans, dwarves, trolls and half-giants.

A perennial champion of the Mercurian Coliseum, Adamonn often relied on his nearly unnatural strength to conquer foes. With a winning streak only second to the legendary Calavius, his brutal and effective style of combat made him a favorite of the Mercurian people. After taking part in the gladiatorial rebellion that ended the games forever, Adamonn went to join Attlus and his noble clan of outcast warriors.
Attlus the Conqueror was banished by the Army of Leodysseus after renouncing his claim to lead those very soldiers. His younger brother Attila was chosen to lead the Army while Attlus roamed the wastelands of Mythoss forming a battalion of his own. "The Noble Bear", as Attlus is known, trained his band of outcasts and renegades to defend their homes against the rising tide of evil fordes poisoning their lands.
Giants and their offspring area maligned and misunderstood people, especially those that hail from the harsh and unforgiving wastelands of Bjorngar. While many mistakenly think of them as indistinguishable from the unseemly creatures that populate the the dark armies, in truth, these imposing folk are quite similar to their smaller human cousins. A half-giant, Bolthor the Tower was the first of his kind to align with Attlus the Conqueror and his House of the Noble Bear. Unexpectedly, Bolthor is as warm and jovial as he is devastating with his axe. After proving himself at the Siege at Bjorngard, Bolthor is both a core member of Attlus' inner circle and a legendary hero.
With origins tracing back to the first age, Trolls are part of a family of creatures known as the impure. Distantly related to Goblins, Orcs and Ogres, they are some of the deadliest creatures that comprise this foul family of beasts.
As if one species of Troll wasn't bad enough, there are more than two dozen types, each littering the landscape of Mythoss with its a unique brand of horror. While Ice Trolls can freeze a man with their icy breath, a single scorching blast from a Fire Troll can incinerate an entire village. Rock Trolls are born with impenetrable flesh and their brutal savagery seems to be inversely proportional to the dullness of their intellect. Camouflage and stealthy cunning are the favorite tools of the wily Forest Troll.
Although Trolls are often enslaved and thrown into savage combat by dark forces such as The Legion of Arethyr, there have been exceptions. One such exception is the legendary heroic Troll named Brontus. A mainstay of the barbarous Mercurian Coliseum, Brontus proved a formidable ally in the revolt led by Attlus and Calavius. Although he was elevated to the rank of general by Attlus, Brontus still carries a war club adorned with the skull of an ally he was forced to kill in the coliseum to remind himself of what it takes to survive in the savagely cruel and exceedingly brutal world he lives in. Born with an intelligence and eloquence that are extremely rare among Trolls, Brontus has sworn himself to the House of the Noble Bear and has vowed to defend the weak and downtrodden people of Mythoss.
  • Cador (Male Human Barbarian Knight)
Once a famous sellsword whose origins can be traced back to the Order of Eathyron, Cador is an accomplished ally to Attlus the Conqueror and the House of the Noble Bear. Known for his unconventional fighting tactics and his flair for showmanship, Cador was once one of the Mythoss' most coveted mercenaries. A near fatal battle with Attlus himself gave Cador pause to reflect on his lot in life. Realizing that Attlus' cause could bring him purpose, Cador has put his years of wandering behind him to fight for a greater cause.
Once the most decorated Mercurian gladiator in history, Calavius was promised his freedom from competition after his one hundredth straight victory. That victory came and went, but the promise was not honored. With hope lost, a fury was born in Calavius that led him to revolt. The revolt dawned, as fate would have it, when Calavius met Attlus, a recently captured gladiator. Together they led the rebellion that destroyed Mercurios’ gladiatorial games and the ancient colosseum that housed them. When the allies met again years later, it was no surprise that Calavius quickly joined his old friend Attlus the Conqueror in a fight with greater stakes than either of them could have imagined.
  • Cassia (Wasteland, Female Human Barbarian Ranger)
A solitary and sullen veteran of many of Mythoss' bloodiest battles, the weathered warrior known as Cassia spends her days in the wild of Bjorngar searching for enemy forces. Once a rising star on her way to becoming a member of the Army of Leodysseus' fabled Red Shield, Cassia began to question the direction her faction was taking when Attila took over as leader in his brothers' stead. Her disillusionment ultimately led her to defect and travel to Bjorngar in hopes of joining the House of the Noble Bear where she can join forces with others who have disavowed the faction system.
The name of the legendary warrior Freyia of Deadhall has been both feared and lavished with glory throughout the ages. Relegated by many to the realm of ancient myth, her terrifying ability to repeatedly resurrect herself frightens friends and foes alike. An ally of Attlus the Conqueror, she is believed to command an army of unstoppable warriors with abilities similar to her own. Despite her willingness to join forces with The Band of the Noble Bear, Freyia's power and methods have been a point of contention, even among her own allies.
She was described on Facebook as a Valkyrie.
When Attlus the Conqueror was banished from the Army of Leodysseus it was Thord Ironjaw who first came to his aid. With a predisposed disdain for the ancient orders and the kingdoms that bore them, Attlus’ banishment only added fuel to a fire burning deep in Thord’s soul. Together they realized that the only way to change the corrupt state of the world was to assemble a great army of their own. With Attlus’ help Thord convinced his fellow Dwarves from the Grayvein mountains to unite and create a spark that will set fire to the rebellion.
Though small in stature, throughout the history of the Mercurian Coliseum, the beast-like ferocity of this Dwarven warrior grew into legendary proportions. Even the largest, toughest and mightiest of combatants understood that it was wise to always avoid the utterly devastating hammer of Halmyr Goldentooth!
Born deep in the tundra of the Northlands, Ragna Stormforger has Dedicated her life to guarding the secret outpost of Sjelgard. The soldiers of Selgard live in single-minded seclusion, and are tasked with guarding the ancient weapon known as the Soul Spiller. A recent surge of evil in Mythos has greatly increased the forces intent on obtaining the powerful relic weapons wielded by warriors of old. Ragna was one of only two survivors when Sjelgard fell to these forces. Now her only goal is to warn the rest of the world that the ancient weapon has been recaptured and has fallen into evil hands.
In an arena overflowing with epic stories, the most famous legend of all could quite possibly be the story of the twin boys who were abducted and forced from an early age to train to fight in the Mercurian Coliseum. Consistently battling side by side and defeating each and every foe who fought against them, they were undefeated until fate separated them. After his brother’s mysterious disappearance, the warrior known only as Rahmulus vowed to escape the dark walls of the Coliseum and search out his lost brother so that they might be able to fight at each other’s side once again.
  • Raygorr (Coliseum, Human Male Warrior)
From all across the world warriors were gathered either voluntarily, or sometimes by force, to test their mettle within the walls of the Mercurian Coliseum. One such combatant arrived from far away with a knowledge of battle never before seen in the lands of Mythoss. His speed, precision and hand to hand combat techniques were unmatched, and his enemies were quickly dispatched with a ferocious flurry of fists and feet. Whether with his hands alone, or with any weapon he was supplied, Raygorr instilled the fear of the power of his namesake - the dragon - into his opponents.
A strict isolationist loyal to the city of Ironhold, Torgun Redfin believes only in the strength and independence of his people. It was the very loyalty that led Torgun to leave the kingdom that he cared for so deeply after his half brother, King Bromdenn Ironjaw, pledged Ironhold's loyalty to Gorgo Aetherblade and the Legion of Arethyr. Escaping with a band of loyalists to seek refuge in Bjorngar with the House of the Noble Bear, Torgun now fights for Attlus the Conqueror in hopes of one day reclaiming Ironhold and freeing it from Arethyr's influence.
  • Barbarian Warrior Builder (ML1, Male Human)
  • Barbarian Warrior Builder 2 (ML2, Female Human)

Former members:

As a former member of Attlus’ wasteland army, Jjuno the Crusher is no stranger to staring into the face of adversity. When she was a young child her family joined with Attlus the Conqueror and his band of outsiders. When her parents were killed in a skirmish with Scapular and his Sons of the Red Star, Jjuno blamed Attlus. Although Attlus tried to care for her after the loss of her parents, Jjuno left his army in search of a new home for her hatred and anger. It was only after Gorgo pulled her from an evil horde of skeleton soldiers that Juno found her new family- The Legion of Arethyr.



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