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Hotlink is the name of two fictional characters from the Transformers series.

Transformers: Generation 1

Transformers character
Timelines Hotlink toy
Name Hotlink
Series Machine Wars
First appearance The Transformers episode "More Than Meets The Eye Part 1"
Alternate modes F-15 Jet Fighter, Cybertronian Jet
Gender Male
Partner Bitstream and Sunstorm
Sub-group Deluxe Vehicles, Seekers

Hotlink was first named in 2013 as a toy that was meant to refer to an unnamed character who appeared in one episode of the 1984 animated Transformers series.

Fictional biography

Animated series

Hotlink has his big break into television

The character who would be Hotlink appeared in the very first episode of the Transformers animated series episode "More Than Meets The Eye Part 1", as a purple and white Decepticon Seeker jet, firing on Wheeljack and Bumblebee.


Hotlink character sheet for The Transformers RPG.


  • Machine Wars Rainmakers (2013)
A 3-pack of Deluxe Bitstream, Hotlink and Sunstorm. A BotCon 2013 exclusive.



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