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Horses and Dogs Racing is a virtual online casino game created by the organizer of the game of chance, the company Meridianbet D.O.O. Dog and horse races are an online virtual betting game, in which betting on the winner is enabled. [1][2]

Horse Racing

The virtual type of online betting on horse races enables the offer of six different horses, ie. horses with numbers from 1 to 6. Each horse has its own rider, during each race. In a horse race game, betting is enabled on each next race, and all bets refer to the next draw. The table with the offer is enabled, the table shows the last five draws, as well as their ID numbers. Next to each ID number, it is possible to display the first three winners e.i. horse who were the first to reach the finish line in that race. Below the table with the previous races and results, the choice of betting on horse races is enabled. Next to each horse and their number from 1 to 6, a quota is offered. Betting is enabled on the winner, the first two winners or the first three winners, different quotas are displayed for all three options.

Dog Racing

Dog races are a virtual type of betting and enable betting on six different dogs, which have their number marked on them, ie. the numbers are from 1 to 6, and each number is marked in a different color. The colors that are marked on the dogs, and where the numbers are written are, red, blue, gray, black, orange as well as black and white. The table with the offered dogs is shown, as well as their numbers. In the dog race game, betting is enabled on the next draw, and all bets will apply to the next race. Next to each dog and its number, a quota for the next draw is shown, as well as a table showing the betting on the winner, and betting on the first two winners who reached the finish line.

Additional Options

Internal and external options are available, bets for the first two places, favorites and outsiders, odd and even. [3][4][5]

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