Homeworld (Micronauts story)

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Author(s) Bill Mantlo
Illustrator Michael Golden
Cover artist Al Milgrom
Language English
Series Micronauts
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher Marvel Comics
Publication date January 1979
Followed by Earth!

Homeworld is the story in issue 1 of the first Micronauts Marvel Comics series.


The Micronauts first adventure begins with the escape of Prince Argon and his sister Mari. Children of the royal family of Homeworld, they saw their parents slain by their own citizens, led into insurrection by their former chief scientist, the Baron Karza.

With some guards still faithful, they are able to escape. They are pursued by the Dog Soldiers of Baron Karza and the Acroyear warriors of Karza's ally, Prince Shaitan. They find a place to hide and Argon shows his little sister that he has summoned the Enigma force in order to help them. Unfortunately, their hiding-place is found and Argon is shot. Still alive, he is taken to the body-banks of Karza.

Some time later, the first space traveler, Commander Arcturus Rann, lands in Homeworld after 1000 years in suspended animation. He was surprised by the Dog soldiers and, after being shot, he wakes up in a cell.

In it, he meets Prince Acroyear and the master thief, Bug of Kaliklak. They explain to him that, during his travels, faster-than-light space travel was discovered and so, his 1000 years travel was useless. He also discovers that his professor, 1000 years ago, is the new ruler of his planet, the Baron Karza. Soon after, the three heroes were led into the huge arena, under the sight of Karza. Assisted by a robot, a beautiful blond girl plays as a marionette in the place. It’s the Princess Mari (and her tutor-robot Microtron), They have become members of the Homeworld underground and already allies of Acroyear and Bug.

The battle begins between the Micronauts and a Deathtank, a giant and dreadful robot.

Thanks to the strength of Acroyear and to the hidden weapon of Bug , they destroy the tank meanwhile some bombs, put by the underground, explode in the stands. The strange apparition called Enigma Force shows himself a second time, saying to Rann it’s time to run. Commander Rann, Mari (now called as Marionette), Acroyear and Bug escape from the arena. After joining his space ship, the HMS Endeavor, and his personal and friendly robot Biotron, Rann decides to go through the outer limits of the microverse, preventing his new companions from being killed.

The Micronauts are born.


Micronauts Others
Prince Acroyear Prince Argon
Commander Arcturus Rann Baron Karza
Biotron Prince Shaitan
Bug Prince Wayfinder
Marionette Time Traveler


  • Many of the characters appearing in this story are based on Micronauts toy:
  • Baron Karza is based ont he toy of the same name. Unlike the toy, which is larger than most Micronauts, he's depicted as the same size as trhe other characters.
  • Biotron is based on the toy of the same name. Although a large toy, he's depicted as the same size as the other Micronauts.
  • Bug is supposed to be based on the Galactic Warrior figure, but his form more closely resembles the green Space Glider body heavy modified to make him insectoid, with antenna, three-fingered hands and two-toed feet.
  • Commander Arcturus Rann is based on the blue Space Glider figure, although his appearance more closely resembles a blue Galactic Warrior wearing the Space Glider accessories.
  • The Deathtank contains the upper torso of the Giant Acroyear toy.
  • Microtron is based on the toy of the same name. Although a large toy, he's depicted as smaller than the other Micronauts.
  • Prince Acroyear is based on the Acroyear toy, with a more humanoid form, a new helmet design and a larger sword. Several Acroyear warriors appear in this issue who look more like the actual toy.
  • Prince Argon is based on the Force Commander toy. Unlike the toy, which is larger than most Micronauts, he's depicted as the same size as trhe other characters.
  • Prince Shaitan is based on the blue Acroyear II toy, but more humanoid with a new helmet.
  • Time Traveler is based on the toy of the same name.
  • The story of Micronauts from Marvel Comics closely draws inspiration from the Star Wars franchise.
  • The two supporting robot characters are made to fill rolls similar to R2-D2 and C-3P0.
  • The Princess Mari is similar to Princes Leia.
  • The Endeavor is similar to the Millenium Falcon.
  • Baron Karza is a villain similar to Darth Vader.
  • The evil Dog Soldiers are similar to the Storm Troopers.
  • The mysterious Enigma Force is much like the Force.

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