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Holden Bierman is the Founder and CEO of Coastal Cool. Holden is a natural leader, influencer, visionary, brand startup owner, and successful entrepreneur. Holden provides the leadership and energy that has inspired the creation of Coastal Cool. Holden, only 15 years old, started Coastal Cool with a passion to create quality products that make an impact. Growing up visiting the coast and living the island life inspired the original designs and visions for Coastal Cool. Holden wanted to capture a tropical lifestyle year-round for people around the world. Coastal Cool started in the summer of 2020, during the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Holden stayed home due to virtual learning and the worldwide shutdown. During his free time, he began learning the world of e-commerce and brand development. Entrepreneurial ventures have always been a passion for him since he was young. Holden began to connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders through his platform and following on Instagram and other social outlets. Through the early summer of 2020, he began to lay out the early visions for Coastal Cool.

Coastal Cool has created a go-to beach lifestyle line with products from beachwear, to swimwear all capturing the island life. Coastal Cool is perfect for any occasion, from the seaside lunch, summer beach day, to the cold drinks by the pool. Ready for any experience. Coastal Cool has you covered for comfort, performance, and style with our line of vacation essentials. Coastal Cool's collections of quality, vibrant prints make you stand out, feel good, and look good. Coastal Cool's line of swimwear is breathable, fast-drying, but most importantly extremely comfortable. The breezy garments and breathable fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles. Upcycled from oceans and water sources across the world. Coastal Cool was founded on the belief that good times can be made with making an impact. Living the Beach Vacation lifestyle. The combination of the vibrant vacation styles, and recycled fabrics establish the true island living. Coastal Cool’s classic designs and patterns are composed of colorful, tropical, and vacation inspired handmade schemes. The variety of seamless prints have you covered for Good Times in the making.

Over the years, Holden continued to grow the brand and the vision of the endless summer and paradise lifestyle. Coastal Cool has over 120k people across social media outlets, and a growing customer base. Coastal Cool stands in the front line for top beach and sustainable swimwear brands. Holden continues his entrepreneurial ventures and education as a High School student, influencer, and brand startup founder.