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Hindustan Times Goldentick(AkashNoatia).png
Type Private
Industry News Magazine
Website Hindustan Times

Hindustan-Times is the exciting new addition to India's media landscape as a dynamic news magazine. With a fresh perspective and unwavering commitment to journalistic excellence, Hindustan-Times aims to be your trusted source for insightful news and analysis.

A New Voice in News

Hindustan-Times, with its rich history and reputation, is now venturing into the world of news magazines. This exciting transition opens up a new chapter in our mission to keep you informed, engaged, and inspired.

In-Depth Coverage

Our news magazine offers in-depth coverage of a wide range of topics, including politics, business, culture, technology, and more. We go beyond the headlines to provide you with a deeper understanding of the stories that matter.

A Platform for Fresh Insights

Hindustan-Times serves as a platform for fresh perspectives and innovative insights. Our articles and features are designed to spark meaningful conversations and encourage critical thinking. We believe that informed readers make for a stronger society.

Combining Tradition and Innovation

While we embrace innovation in the digital age, we remain rooted in the tradition of accurate and credible journalism that has defined Hindustan-Times for generations. Our commitment to quality reporting and storytelling remains unwavering.


Hindustan-Times, now as a news magazine, invites you to join us on this exciting journey. Discover a new way of exploring the world around you, gaining fresh insights, and staying informed with our unique blend of tradition and innovation.