Herra Serpenspire

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Herra Serpenspire
Mythic Legions character
Herra Serpenspire toy
Created by

Four Horsemen Studios
Gender Female
Occupation Mage


Convocation of Bassylia

Herra Serpenspire is a fictional character in the Mythic Legions series. She is a heroic mage with the Convocation of Bassylia.

Mythic Legions


Herra Serpenspire is a heroic mage with the Convocation of Bassylia, masters of the magical arts assembled to combat the evil of the Circle of Poxxus.


The Herra Serpenspire toy was funded by the second Mythic Legions Action Figures Kickstarter campaign in 2017. She was a stretch goal unlocked when the campaign raised $300,000. She was available as a $33 add-on for US backers.[1]

Herra and other Mythic Legions figures were displayed at Toy Fair in February 2017.[2]

In June 2018 a picture of several packaging test shots were posted online. Advent of Decay was expected to ship from the factory in July.[3]

Fictional biography

Four Horsemen mentioned that she has a namesake staff through which she focuses her powerful energies - the Serpenspire!


Nate Baertsch did a piece of art depicting Artemyss Silverchord, Herra Serpenspire and Jorund Runeshaper together in the woods, with what may have been Faunus and B'alam.


  • Four Horsemen Studios Mythic Legions Herra Serpenspire (unreleased)
A 1:12 scale figure by Four Horsemen. She features a new head mold. Her body is a recolor of parts other figures. Comes with a Serpenspire staff, sword and dagger.



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