Henry Sutton Fane

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Henry Sutton Fane
Born January 13, 1804
London, Middlesex, England
Died May 7, 1857(1857-05-07) (aged 53)
St George Hanover Square, London
Nationality UK
Occupation soldier, legislator
Known for Member of Parliament for Lyme Regis

Honourable Henry Sutton Fane was a son of John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmorland, and his second wife, Jane, formerly Jane Huck-Saunders.[1]

Fane was born in 1805, 20 years after his eldest half-brother, John, the 11th Earl.[1] Fane became an Army officer in 1822, serving in the 23rd Foot and Coldstream Guards, where he held the ranks of 2nd Lieutenant and Lieutenant, respectively. He became a Captain in 1825.

Fane's father, the Earl, controlled the Borough of Lyme Regis, and arranged for Fane to be elected a Member of Parliament there, in 1826, even though he was a student, in Dresden.[1] He was said to be "a sociable but idle student."

He was elected two more times, in 1830 and 1831.[2]

Following his time in Parliament Fane commanded the 34th Regiment of Foot, from 1834-1838.[2][3]

Accounts differ as to whether he married. D.R. Fisher, author of The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 1820-1832, lists him as unmarried.[1] Ancestry.ca lists the dates of birth and death for a wife and four children.[4] His eldest son, Charles George Fane, (1837-1909), served in the Royal Navy, and rose to the rank of Admiral.

He died in 1857.[2]


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