Happy Period

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Happy Period
Type Non-profit
Founder(s) Chelsea VonChaz
Cherryl Lucy-Warner
Website http://www.hashtaghappyperiod.org/

Happy Period (founded 2015) is a Non-profit organisation that makes feminine hygiene care products for the homeless. Their goal is to eliminate the stigma around periods and make sure homeless women have access to these necessary products.[1][2]


Happy Period was founded in 2015 by Mother-Daughter duo, Cherryl L. Warner and Chelsea VonChaz. After they witnessed a homeless woman crossing the street, free-bleeding, wearing blood-stained rags in Los Angeles. They talked to a rep of a shelter and learnt that pads and tampons are rarely donated and not required to be included in the operational budget of homeless shelters. The aim of the foundation is to serve as a catalyst for reshaping the discussion surrounding menstruation while bridging access to menstrual health and safety products.



They introduced menstrual health methods and safe products beneficial for the bodies, wallet and planet, so people with periods can make informed decisions for their self-care.

The program they created, SELF, includes a youth-centric e-book focused on period health and self-efficacy. The program intentions include

  • Positively advocate for menstrual education and safe period products for every human with a period.
  • Provide virtual menstrual health workshops and period care pop-ups (post-COVID-19).
  • Promote change among educational institutions, challenging them to see the importance of period care.


During a #HappyPeriod volunteer event, menstrual products are collected, assembled into kits or care packages, and donated to a local shelter. This is an opportunity for the public to get involved independently. Anyone can fundraise, host an event, or donation drive at their school, church, or workplace.