Hanif Ahmed

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Hanif Ahmed Ponishare-verified.png
Born 01 January 1980
Nationality Bangladeshi
Occupation Entrepreneur

Hanif Ahmed, the founder of Dhakajoy is a young entrepreneur and businessman, who is currently working as the executive director at the company.

Career & Personal Life

Dhakajoy is an organized multinational company consisting of bikes, smartphones, air conditioners, home appliances, baby products, groceries, healthcare, and other essential items.

Helping the country’s economy through different perspectives and different initiatives and building a strong information structure to show young entrepreneurs the path to success in their own right.

Hanif Ahmed has always wanted to help the people, do something for the country and the people and contribute to the development of socio-economic platforms.

Raised by working parents and a family of two brothers, Hanif has always dreamed of becoming a very far-sighted man in the pursuit of his own empire.

Often, despite having the right qualifications in various fields, the right person does not have the courage and support to stand up due to unforeseen obstacles, which he realizes in the light of his experience while living abroad.

He dreamt of becoming a successful multinational entrepreneur.

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