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Ha Li Fa Pte Ltd
Industry Food and beverage
Key people
  • Ang Yang Hua (co-founder)
  • Jill Ang (co-founder)
Products fish balls (BoBo, Sakura, and Ballgus brands)
Website halifa-bobo.com

Ha Li Fa (Chinese: 合利发; Hé lì fā) is a food company headquartered in Singapore, with branches in Malaysia and other countries.

As a food company in Singapore specialising in fish balls and fish cakes, Ha Li Fa is especially notable for producing BoBo fish balls and other well-known surimi-based fish ball brands widely consumed not only in Asia, but also in Europe, North America, Oceania, the Middle East, and other parts of the world where they are exported to.[2][3]


In 1987, Ha Li Fa was founded by siblings Ang Yang Hua and Jill Ang, who incorporated the company in Singapore in 1997.[4][5] Ha Li Fa the went on to develop BoBo (Chinese: 波波) fish balls as its flagship product, which is well-known within Singapore and has significant national media presence.[6][7]

Starting in 2013, Ha Li Fa also started expanding into China and increasing the presence of Singaporean-style hawker food in the country, particularly its BoBo fish balls.[8][9] Ha Li Fa products are sold in Indonesia,[10][11], the Middle East,[12] and other countries.


Other than fish balls and cakes, Ha Li Fa also sells fish dumplings, seafood balls (crab, prawn, cuttlefish, and more) and innovative food products such as cheese seafood tofu cakes and Thai fish cakes.[13] In addition, Ha Li Fa produces wontons, ngo hiang, yong tau foo, and other Southeast Asian foods of Hokkien and Teochew origin.[14]

Fish balls are made using yellowfin tuna and wolf herring.[15]

Besides BoBo, Ha Li Fa also has the following two brands:[16]


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