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Picture of H M Atif Wafik
Native name এইচ এম আতিফ ওয়াফিক
Born 26 January 1986
Rangpur, Bangladesh
Residence Dhaka
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education MST (Industrial Technology & Workforce Learning),
Pittsburg State University, USA
Known for Author
Notable works Author Impress Your Audience
Asst. Professor (University of Scholars)
TV Host (Live with a Purpose) at Nagorik TV
Height 6 Feet

Atif Wafik Blue badge.png (Bengali:এইচ এম আতিফ ওয়াফিক) is an author and academician, who works with communication, professional presentation, and public speaking. Atif Wafik is also known as a popular TV host for his unconventional and inspirational show “Live with a Purpose”.
Currently, he is working as an Asst. Professor at University of Scholars and also serving as Head of Brand & Communication. He is also the Advisor of Student’s Welfare and member of academic council. To gather knowledge and experiences Atif has visited many countries all around the world.e.g.- United States, Sweden, Denmark, China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Singapore, etc.

Early Life and Education

Atif Wafik was born to a Muslim family in Rangpur Division. Atif grew up in Iran and then came to Bangladesh when he was 10. He started his education from class 4 in Cantonment Public School & College, Rangpur. Then Atif did his bachelors from University of Asia Pacific and then went to Pittsburgh State University, Kansas, USA for his MST from the department of Industrial Technology & Workforce Learning. Since he is an academician, continuous learning is an integral part of his life.

Professional Biography

H M Atif Wafik, a passionate teacher, who loves to teach learning. Currently, he is working as an Asst. Professor at University of Scholars (The International University of Scholars). Apart from this, Atif Wafik is an Edupreneur, were enthusiastically he is working on different types of skills developments for the youths, working professionals, and potential graduates in Bangladesh.
Atif Wafik graduated with honors from Pittsburgh State University, Pittsburgh, Kansas, United States, from the Department of Industrial Technology and Workforce Learning with a major in Technology in 2016. Before that, he used to work for a multinational advertising company in Bangladesh for many years, also he had the opportunity to work for a multinational and one of the largest food companies in The United States.
After returning to Bangladesh, and while doing his research, he has started sharing his experiences and pieces of knowledge which he gained and earned so far in his learning tenure. He believes that education is something that should be shared, and that belief drives him to get interested in writing this book "Impress Your Audience", which will help any reader to make their audience impressed.
"Impress Your Audience" is his very first book, which has been written with a motive to develop this generation's presentation and public speaking skills. He believes this book can help everyone grow and allow looking into this field from a different lens. One of his favorite quote “Teach to Learn, and Learn to Teach."
Apart from being an author and academician, H M Atif Wafik is also a popular TV host for a show where people are always encouraged to Rethink and Respond. It is made with the objective in mind that the audience can be inspired to see their life and work with new eyes or perhaps from a different lens. It is also the goal of this show to make its audience to be ready to compel words into action. This show is Mr. H. M. Atif Wafik’s brain child, and previously it was conducted live for 2 years during the pandemic, before Nagorik TV sponsored it as a weekly inspirational show for the youths by the name – “Live with a Purpose”.


Graduate with Honor (Double Gold Cord) – by Pittsburgh State University, USA
Excellence in Scholarship by the Department of Technology & Workforce Learning – by Pittsburgh State University, USA
International Graduate Honor Student of 2016 – by Pittsburgh State University, USA
Certificate of Recognition for Enriching the Cultural Diversity – by Pittsburgh State University, USA

Career at a glance

At University of Scholars -
Asst. Professor & Dept. Coordinator, Department of Business Administration, June 2018 – Continuing
Student Advisor, July 2021 - Continuing
Member, Academic Council, May 2021 - Continuing
Head, Brand & Communication, April 2021 – Continuing

◾At Activist Communications Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Account Director, March 2017 – August 2017

◾At AXE Library, Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS, United States
Library Assistant, January 2016 – December 2016

◾At SODEXO, Pittsburg, KS, United States
Student Supervisor, Catering, Aug 2015 – December 2016

◾At Spotlight Event Management Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Assistant General Manager, Events and Activation, October 2010 – July 2015

◾At Bitopi Advertising Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Brand Executive, Client Service, February 2008 – June 2009

Social Media Profiles

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2. The Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation, Market Orientation and Gender on Business Performance: An Empirical Study of SMEs in Bangladesh
3. What Factors Do Motivate Employees at the Workplace? Evidence from Service Organizations
4. Determinants of Deposit Mobilization of Private Commercial Banks: Evidence from Bangladesh

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