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" Draikon X...No, I've surpassed the limits of mankind and become the true and ULTIMATE MACHINE!"-Daizo Adachi before using Draikon X

The MSR-X-00 Gundam Draikon X is a recurring mobile suit from one of my upcoming Wattpad fanfics, Taikon Z: The Fighting Robot. Regarded as the "ultimate Gundam", it is the "brother unit" of Taikon Z and appears at several moments during the fanfic, piloted by Machiko Adachi or her colleagues, and is often rebuilt and upgraded after being destroyed by Haruko. During the climax of the fanfic, Draikon X was piloted by Machiko, Chiyako, and her father, Daizo Adachi. It was seemingly destroyed permanently when Haruko rammed it with Taikon Z, but it was repaired and restored in the epilogue.


At first, Draikon X looked nearly identical to Taikon Z, except that it was mostly black and yellow. Another difference is that its v-fin was much larger. Later, it was given a few upgradeds. Its head was replaced by a human-like one modelled after Kumiko's and it was given a pair of bat-like wings.

During the final battle, Draikon X was upgraded a third time, named Draikon X Mecha Dragon. The mech looked almost nothing like it used to. Its upper torso was mounted onto the Mecha Dragon Gundam and its original head was restored.