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Gulbuddin's relatives

Some of Gulbuddin's relatives have served, or are suspected of serving as his deputies.

Gulbuddin's relatives
name relation role notes
Shahabuddin Hekmatyar brother Arrested due to his ties with Gulbuddin in August 2008.[1][2] Released in January 2009.[3] Released in January 2009.[3]
Abdullah Shabab son Captured in 2007.[3]
Salahuddin son Captured in 2007 and released in 2009.[3]
Habib-ur-Rahman son spokesman Gave interviews describing Gulbuddin's position in peace negotiations in 2010.[4]
Ghairat Baheer son-in-law A medical doctor who spent four years in CIA custody.[5][6][7][8][9]
Jamal Jamaluddin Hikmatyar son Founded the Youths Reforming Organization.[10]
Firoz Feroz Hekmatyar son diplomat Represented the HiG at a peace conference in the Maldives in 2010.[11]
Ahktar Muhammed brother Gulbuddin's brother.[12]
Houmayoun Jarir Jareer in-law Either Gulbuddin's son-in-law, or the son-in-law of Ahktar Muhammed, Gulbuddin's brother.[12]
Habibullah Shahab nephew Born in 1995, he was killed by a US airstrike on April 21, 2011.[13] He was reported to have played a role in "the jihad against US Forces".
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