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Omega Sentinel is a character/organization featured in several incarnations of the Transformers series.


Generation 1

Animated series

Though not named as such, the Dark Guardians/Guardian Robots of The Transformers inspired the Omega Sentinels of later incarnations. Originally built as the Dark Guardians by the foul Quintessons, these massive robots-equal or greater in stature than the later Combiners-served to enforce the will of the Quintessons, quashing all hope of a successful rebellion. However, the noble A3-later to be known as Alpha Trion developed a device known as the Coder Remote that rendered the Dark Guardians inert, allowing the early robots of Cybertron to rise up against their Quintesson foes. The magnitude of this failure was such that the Quintessons later attempted to remove A3 from the timeline before he could utilize the device, but were thwarted by the actions of the future Autobots.

After claiming the planet for themselves, the Transformers repurposed the Dark Guardians as Guardian Robots, massive robotic protectors who kept the peace and protected the inhabitants of Cybertron from various threats. However, despite their great size and power, the Guardians eventually met their match in the form of the Decepticons, who eventually succeeded in destroying many of the giant peace-keepers. At least one Guardian was gifted with sentience and the ability to transform, becoming Omega Supreme, protector of Crystal City until that metropolis was destroyed by Megatron's forces. The only other Guardian Robot known to have survived even partly intact was rendered dormant early in Megatron's campaign, shortly before his initial battle with Optimus Prime. Deprived of its head, it was later reactivated by Shockwave and used to attack the Autobots, but was defeated by Superion.


  • Guardian Robot (2008)
A repaint of the 1985 Omega Supreme toy in the show colors of the Guardian Robots. It was thus capable of the same transformations as Omega Supreme, something not seen in the series.


In the Transformers: Energon reality, as revealed by "Ask Vector Prime," Omega Supreme is the leader of a group known as the Omega Sentinels. The group is dozens strong, but Omega Supreme's comrades lack his level of personality; while he has a unique Headmaster unit named Omega, the others have companions that are all known by the name Guardian. [1] Variants of this reality feature a single Omega Sentinel as the leader of the Guardians, though as Vector Prime puts it "he tends to be a monotonous fellow." [2]


  • Energon Omega Sentinel (2004)
A recolor of Energon Omega Supreme in a white and blue color scheme resembling the Generation 1 Guardian Robots, though some red coloring was added as well.


According to Transformers: Animated, the Omega Sentinels were a group of giant robots developed by the Autobots to help them defeat the Decepticons. Following the Great War, each was converted into a vessel for use by a different Autobot crew. Omega Supreme became the Autobot vessel captained by Optimus Prime, while blue and white Sigma Supreme became Ultra Magnus' vessel, the Steelhaven. Additional Sentinels included Primal Major's Axalon, aka Alpha Supreme; Big Bang Prime's Battlestar, formerly Beta Supreme; Longrack Major's Gung Ho, Gamma Supreme; Silverbolt Major's Darkstar, previously Delta Supreme; Scattorshot Major's Eclipse, Epsilon Supreme; Impactor Major's Xantinum, Zeta Supreme; Hot Spot Major's Hyperion, Eta Supreme; Railspike Major's Tsunami, Theta Supreme; Wedge Major's Iron Hope, also known as Iota Supreme; and Override Prime's Chromia X, the black and red female Kappa Supreme. The Decepticons also created three corrupt Omega Sentinels of their own, modeled after the Decepticon Lugnut, but these were destroyed by Omega Supreme and the treachery of Starscream.

A prototype of the line known as Omega S.P.R.E.E.M. was also created.


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