Greg Reynoso

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Greg Reynoso

Greg in 2020
Born 18 October 1989 (1989-10-18) (age 30)
Los Angeles, United States
Nationality American
Education Weber State University
Occupation Writer, Host and Producer
Years active 2011- present
Known for Linq Magazine
Notable works Founder of Magazine
Spouse Anabel Reynoso

Greg Reynoso is an American Writer, Host and Producer who is most popular for his part in beginning Linq Magazine, an online magazine displaying the best autonomous craftsmen. He previously picked up consideration with the dispatch of his unique webcast, The Linq Up with Greg Reynoso.[1][2]

Early life

Greg Reynoso was born on October 18, 1989 at United States. He has studied in Weber State University.[3]


Linq Magazine

Greg is the founder of Linq Magazine: an online independent arts magazine featuring the best talent from the independent arts community. Greg and his team search for, curate, and write about rising creators ranging from musicians to sneaker bloggers. Recently, the team at Linq have "Linq Up with Greg Reynoso, which is available to watch on YouTube or your favorite podcast provider. The podcast adds another platform for the team at Linq to share stories and reach more listeners for the independent creators that they promote.[4]

Growth and success

While the Linq Magazine platform is seeing growth and success, it wasn't always an easy road for Greg Reckless. With his first ideas of creating a platform in 2010, he excitedly shares his concept with his then friends. Unfortunately for Greg, the positive feedback and support he anticipated was nowhere to be found, and his ideas were met with discouragement from those close to him. Afterwards, Greg would put his concept of a creative platform on the backburner.

Greg's Talent

Greg's dream of an independent creative platform didn't surface again until 2012, when Greg found himself stuck at home with no car, no job, and a small amount of cash. What Greg did have was his time and talent, and decided to overcome the self-doubt bred by his peers and launch what would become Linq Magazine. "Regardless of what others say, you should go for it. Whatever that may be, just go for it. Your friends and family may not support you, and that will hurt, but there is someone out there waiting to discover what it is that you do."

Greg's plan

Linq Magazine has since grown a substantial amount. The platform has been able to feature over 200 independent artists and creators. Some of the artists that Linq has worked with in the past have gone on to sell out venues and reach the charts, serving as a testament to the power of the platform Greg has built. Greg told us that in the next five years, he anticipates continuing to feature independent creators, but on a much larger scale. Future plans include video productions, expanding the team, and growing Linq Magazine into something much larger.


  • His Linq Magazine has earned popularity in short of time.
  • Greg is the founder of Linq Magazine: an online independent arts magazine.
  • He host TV shows.


  • Greg has been featured in several international online platform including Yahoo Finance. [5]

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