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Type Private company
Industry sells
Founded 02-01-2021
Headquarters France
Area served worldwide


and watches

In 2021, Grandeur was created in the heart of Paris, France. this is a French brand, with a lifetime of expertise that has been passed down from the founder to each retailer.[2]


During the first year of its life, Grandeur was managed by 1 corporate officer: 1 President had a mandate as general manager. Unless otherwise prescribed, former corporate officers removed from the company are still liable for their past actions,[3]prior to the termination of their duties.

this brand produces only high-quality watches and accessories made from luxurious materials such as gold and platinum etc.; this company never uses any other material which would diminish the quality and luxury of their products.[4]company dedication is to present you with products that will last for generations and keep your family's legacy alive.[5]

About capital

Grandeur, simplified joint-stock company, with share capital of €2,000.00, whose registered office is located at 78 AV DES champs elysees, 75008 PARIS,[6] registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 892 570 003 represented by Mr. Amgad GUHAISH acting and having the necessary powers as president.

Other facilities

Grandeur provides a marketplace for buying and selling new and used items through their website (site), mobile applications (Apps)[7], and any other properties that link to these terms of use (collectively, the service). Through the service, users can list items for sale by taking and uploading photos and entering a sale price, as well as the size and condition of the item (sellers). Users can also browse listings by sellers and can choose to purchase the items listed for sale by sellers (buyers).[8]

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