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Goodbye Junk
Type Private Company
Industry Cleaning
Founded 2015
Founder(s) Charlie & Nam
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Services Residential Junk Removal
Commercial Rubbish Removal
Employees 11-50
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Goodbye Junk is an Australian company that has established itself as a key player in the rubbish removal industry, primarily serving the Greater Sydney area. The business redefines the rubbish removal landscape by delivering more reliable services and enhanced customer value. The company has evolved into an industry leader known for its commitment to excellence, environmental sustainability, and a customer-centric approach.[1]


In 2015, Charlie and Nam embarked on their journey to revolutionize the rubbish removal industry. Their vision was clear: to disrupt the status quo in Sydney and provide customers with superior, reliable services and better value. The founders took their first significant step by acquiring their first truck, setting the stage for a transformative journey in the junk removal field.[2]


Goodbye Junk is currently operating from bases in Melbourne, Wollongong, and Sydney, offering a full suite of residential and commercial rubbish removal services. As part of its strategic growth plan, Goodbye Junk is set to open new branches in Brisbane, Newcastle, and Canberra by 2024-2025. This expansion will enable them to provide high-quality and environmentally conscious rubbish removal services to a broader client base across Australia.[3]


Goodbye Junk's commitment to excellence and environmental sustainability, along with its customer-focused approach, makes it a preferred choice for rubbish removal services. The key advantages of choosing Goodbye Junk for rubbish removal include:[4]

  • Full Sydney Coverage: Goodbye Junk offers professional rubbish removal services across Greater Sydney.
  • Competitive Pricing: The organization tailors pricing to individual junk removal needs, ensuring value for money.
  • Prompt Service: The company provides fast, same-day service, ensuring that rubbish is picked up without delay.
  • Thorough Cleanup: Beyond removing junk, Goodbye Junk sweeps up all debris and dust after every job, leaving spaces spotless.
  • Proven Track Record: With over 5000 jobs completed successfully and a multitude of satisfied customers, their track record speaks for itself.
  • Environmental Responsibility: The company reuses, recycles, and donates as much collected junk as possible, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.[5]


Goodbye Junk is actively working to minimize landfills and give materials a second life through recycling, donation, and reuse.[6] The company’s recycling includes mattresses, timber, metal, paper, plastic, glass, textiles, green waste, car tires, soil, bricks, rubble, concrete, and tiles. All remaining waste is delivered to EPA-approved recycling facilities.


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