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Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee (Born on 3 February 1973) - International Social worker working for ensuring social Justice. an educated and professional political leader. Now he is the only Bangladeshi enrolled in the California State Bar[1] as a licensed foreign legal consultant. He is also a licensed social worker LLSW in USA. Golam Rabbani is a founder philosopher of Social Work politics in Bangladesh.

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee
Native name গোলাম রাব্বানী নয়ন বাঙ্গালী
Born 3 February 1973
Nationality Bangladeshi
Education Dhaka University

Supreme Court Lawyer,

the California State Bar as a licensed foreign legal consultant
Notable works

International Social Worker, Human Rights Activist,

Labor Law Specialists and Unions Builder

Prime Minister's Award on Best Youth Leader in Bangladesh (2004, President's Award on National Social Worker and Leader (2005), National Youth Award (2004), Mahatma Gandhi Award (2006), Atish Dipankar Award (2006), Common wealth Youth Award (2006),

Presidential Best Youth Award (2006)

Early life

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee was born on 3 February 1973, in the Cumilla district of Chauddagram City[2], a municipal corporation near the southern part of the Indian border. He opened his eyes in a village called Gunabati in chattogram. His father's name is Ekramul Haq and mother's name is Meherunnessa Haq[3]. His mother Begum Meherunnessa Huq was a teacher and now elected local govt official, Her mom is very popular leader in the city .Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee is a social worker. He has been working in this field for the last 20 years. currently working for a non-profit organization that focuses on children's leadership. He is one of the founders of several non-profit organizations back in Bangladesh. He was involved actively at the very grassroot level activities of the organizations he worked for. He also has the experience to work at the management level in some of them. He managed the crisis and emergencies of the beneficiaries of different projects many times and helped them accordingly. He resolved many cases of community conflicts and provided guidance and support for those in need. He was given the responsibility to develop interpersonal relationships within family members in a family welfare organization he was involved in. He has intensive experience working with young victims; I gave them hope, motivation and helped them with solutions. He has additional expertise on working with orphan children.


He completed his honors and masters in Social Work  from ISWR ,Dhaka University secured  first class first position in MSS . He also achieved his second graduation in LLB from National University and LLM from World University. He did his post graduate diploma on human rights from Dhaka International University. He completed two certificate courses on conflict analysis and dispute resolution from the United States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC.Now he is a research fellow of Liberty University,world largest campus in USA and doing his research on education law and leadership at school of law.

Continuing activism

Human Rights Activist

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee has been working for the last 12 years as a Human Rights Activist. It is the urge of establishing human rights that drew me in studying Jurisprudence and practice in the Legal profession.

Social Worker

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee is a very active social worker[4]. He engaged in many organizations.He founded Bangaleer Pathshala. He founded the Bengal law Forum. Three barristers from Bangladesh Supreme Court are working under his able leadership and guidance. He is working to secure rights of the Labors, particularly the rights of the ill-fated Bihari Community.

He worked as a consultant at the World Bank in 2000. He was a youth ambassador at Commonwealth International in 2004 to 2006. He was a board member at Prime Minister's Youth Welfare Fund Management Board and director at National Co-operative Union.

He is involved with following organizations:

Founder of the Bangaleer Pathshala-School of Leadership[5]

President of the Garments Labor Federation (for three times)

President of the International Migrant Foundation

Secretary of the Society of Parliament Watch

Worked as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador for three years

Founder of the DURJOY (Dhaka University Restorative Justice Organization Yard)

Founder of the Youth Forum

Organizer of Bangladesh Youth Parliament every year in Bangladesh

President of Shohor Shomaj Sheba Karjokrom of Ministry of Social Welfare in Bangladesh

Director of Jatio Shamabay Union of Government of Bangladesh



Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee is a human rights lawyer in Bangladesh Advocate Golam Rabbani has been enrolled as an advocate in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh in 2004 and started legal practice. He is better known all over the country as Nayan Banglaee and is recognized as one of the top most organizers with high efficiency. Golam Rabbani gave prime importance to liberating the country from the autocratic one party rule. To achieve the goal he organized the labor community and the youth in two separate units who under his guidance work in unison. Possessing high experience and expertise on labor laws he dedicated himself to extend his work in industry and factory sector and turned himself as a vigorous fighter for the legal rights of the laborers. In recognition of his dedication he was elected the President of Garments Labor Federation. On 30 December 2004 he was honored with the accolade of National Youth Medal from the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh for his contribution in successfully creating a strong bondage between the laborers and the youth community and engaging them in nation building activities, In 2005.


Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee received the President Award from the Honorable President of Bangladesh for being the top most national social work leader. On 12 November 2009, he was elected the president of a city unit of Bangladesh nationalist party.BNP nominated[6] him to be the Mayor of that city in 2010. It was the Awami League regime. It left no stone unturned and used all sorts of heinous policies including bribing, pouring illegal favors on the administration and the law enforcing agencies to work for Awami League and crush any effort by the BNP from winning the election[7]. Due to the highhandedness of the administration and the law enforcing agencies, Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee could not conduct enough public meetings or door to door publicity, the people en masse cast their votes for him. When it became evident that Mr. Golam Rabbani was winning, the Election Commission under the government order stopped counting of votes and declared the Awami League candidate as elected and telecast in all TV channels. This is the start of a conspiracy against to stop him from communicating with the labor and youth community – his main strength. On 8 February 2011, he was arrested from in front of the National Press Club, without assigning any reason thereof. In police custody he was mercilessly beaten and charged with anti state activities. Finding no such instances to use, police released him after several days. After his release, at the instruction of the BNP high ups, he refrained from field level politics and joined as the Joint Secretary of the G-9, the Think Tank of BNP. There he had the opportunity to work with the illustrious Shafiq Rahman, a renowned journalist of high stature. Mr. Golam Rabbani started his new career as a columnist and author writing on topics of public interest which ultimately went against the government. These immediately earned him nationwide recognition. Group – G published a book on the life and work of Ziaur Rahman, ex- president of Bangladesh. On 7 April 2012, BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia addressed a mass meeting conducted by Mr. Golam Rabbani. The meeting was attended by more than 10 thousand people in front of the National Press Club. After Mr. Golam Rabbani returned home, police raided his house and not finding him there, started a combing operation to arrest him. On 23 April police arrested him from and took him to Shahbagh Police station where he was interrogated all through the night by different high police officers who used all sorts of torture on him. Again finding no clue to involve him with any offence he was released after nearly a fortnight. All these days and night were a dreadful experience for him. During the campaign of Parliament election the grass root level BNP workers staged continuous agitation and the affairs of running the country came to a halt. The people were waiting only a direction from BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia herself. But the government created obstacle placing sand filled trucks adjacent to the boundary wall of her residence so that she cannot come out and address the people. Every sort of telecommunication from her to the people was stopped. On 11 November 2013, was a member of the delegation led by Shafiq Rahman, who visited Begum Khaleda Zia. On 12 November police raided his house to arrest him. Not finding him there, police arrested his PS, the driver and one other visitor. On 22 November, when he was returning home from the Supreme court. It was heard from the walky-talky, that someone is instructing the police to kill him right there. Police beat him so mercilessly that his left leg and arm broke and he got a direct hit in his skull. Blood gushed out from all over his body and his clothes were blood soaked. He turned senseless and motionless as he lay there on the road. The police watching him for half an hour left the scene thinking him dead. Hearing the incident the people and the journalists rushed to the spot, and took him to the Holy Family Hospital. Learning that he is still alive and is under medical care, the police planned to abduct him from there. But, somehow the family was informed they rushed him out of the hospital by the family members barely ten minutes before the police raid. After a few days the police[8] set to abduct him from his home city. Police thought that he might be hiding in the adjacent police thana (police station) area. On 27 November 2013 police raided the house of the presidents there. Finding that he is not there they abduct Mr. Hiru and Mr. Humayun. At this time he along with his family members was hiding in an abandoned house in the village Kaundia under Savar. For six month they had to remain there unnoticed. On 11 December 2014, when he came to the High Court at his chamber (room no. 206) to supervise some repair work he was abducted by RAB from the High Court Mazar gate. No one could say anything about his whereabouts. RAB simply denied that they abducted him. After 4 days of restlessness of his family members, he was found. But not a word came from him about the incident. He was not seen by anybody after his release for long. A trusted source said that he made a long term plan to work in the social sector and to ensure for other social safety and social justice. For long years he engaged himself in research on social work.

Revolutionary activity

Protest Rally at pallabi thana for the Polices attack on former Dhaka city Mayor sadek Hossen khoka.

Protest against the killing of my colleague advocate M U Ahmed in front of Court.

Police charged baton on a peaceful leaded by me in front of Jatiya Press Club of Bangladesh.

To ensure social worker in politics.

Empower labor community and ensure more accountability of all business man.

Every citizen must pay tax and everybody entitled to secure under insurance policy.

Awards and honours

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee received many awards for his leadership and works in human rights. Bangladesh Government has twice awarded him with a national medal as the "Best Youth Leader and Organizer"

Prime Minister's Award on Best Youth Leader in Bangladesh (2004)[9]

President's Award on National Social Worker and Leader (2005)

Other awards are following:

National Youth Award (2004)

Mahatma Gandhi Award (2006)

Atish Dipankar Award (2006)

Common wealth Youth Award (2006)[10]

Presidential Best Youth Award (2006)

Personal life

Golam Rabbani Nayan Bangalee is married to Tanjina Noushin. His wife Tanjina Noushin is a very talented woman and a very scholarly lady . He has one son and one daughter.


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