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The GoBots series have introduced additional forms of fictional advanced technology.


An Astro-Beam is a means of temporarily teleporting from one location to another. Though a rapid deployment tool, a flaw in the device was that its effects were temporary. As such, after a set time, the teleported individual or object returned back to its point of origin. It was only through other technology that amplified the Astro-Beam's power did its effect became permanent. Particle storms generated by intense solar flares were also noted to disrupt the Astro-Beam and usage of the teleportation system during such events could lead to the recipients being lost in transport.


Large transforming drones used as messengers, for construction and combat by both the Guardians and Renegades.

Command Center

Command Centers are space ships that make up the bulk of the Guardian fleet.

Dimensional Interfacer

A Dimensional Interfacer is a forbidden technology, a device capable of both observing other realities and bridging the gap between them.

Power Marcher

Power Warrior

The first Power Warrior, Courageous, was created as a weapon by the Last Engineer. It was crated when his Power Ship combined with four GoBots wearing Power Suits to form a single gigantic robot. In Renegade Rhetoric the Master Renegade replicates the technology using his own ship to create Grungy; after fleeing, Dr. Go improved upon the technology and created a version with a tank torso known as Nemesis.

Pulse Generator

The pulsar generator is a Renegade invention, able to dominate the minds of everyone on Earth.

Puzzler technology

Puzzler technology, named after it's first subject, allows multiple robots to combine into a single powerful entity. Puzzler technology was developed in response to the Power Warrior technology.


The Rogue Star is the Renegade flagship. Cy-Kill is often its commander.


Sorium was an highly powerful and unstable substance developed on Earth.

Stealth Device


Thrusters are Renegade starships, and make up the bulk of the Renegade fleet.