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Early Life

Glitzy known as Cory Campbell has always been a humorous kid who loves to flex ever since he met his best friend in middle school Kevin Stovall, they grew up together to make jokes and laugh a lot at people which is just how they got in trouble a lot, but kids will be kids. Cory has been from school to school from getting kicked out doing things teens do and also just not being the right school fit for him but he’s matured and found a way to keep his mind focused on things. He watched tv a lot and had a dream that he should be watching himself on that tv so he decided to go and continue that dream.


Glitzy started his journey as an actor in 2016 and started off doing background extra work for Chicago PD, but over the loyalty he’s maintained over years 2019 he became featured in a few episodes which helped him get a push towards other shows and even movies that have not aired yet. Doing this he found a loyal manager who not only helped him in acting but got him into Gucci modeling fashion shows and etc. which led him into taking professional headshots and doing walkways for shows but he lost interest in that and stuck to just doing modeling pictures. He soon later became interested in Youtube (BTR CORY) because lots of his friends at school told him he was funny and he should make one, which took off his first video which was at ridge mall As a “freakiest thing you ever done” video. He found interest in that and continued to make more at the mall and once he seen the progress in fans and views he continued to do it and moved on to drive thru pranks which are hilarious. He soon took a break from Youtube once he hit 500 subscribers and got tired of listening to music when going outside which made him eager to make his own. He was always told he had the talent but never took it serious until his senior year in high school. He made a song called Viral Moment Remix to show his talent to people with depression and once that took off he formed lots of connections and decided to continue to make it. He claims he will start posting studio session blogs and day with Glitzy blogs soon. He recently got signed to BTR RECORDS and is planning to sign with Warner or Atlantic soon when he gets more songs out. He luckily has the connections to sign with any one of these records and he played on any radio and much more and that’s why he flexes and says he will be at the top soon. Glitzy uncle which is 21 Savage is the person who really helped him build his brand completely and level him up. And That shocks lots of people because everyone loves 21 Savage so for him to put on his nephew to shine is a great man. So to answer everyone’s questions yes Glitzy’s uncle is 21 Savage and Glitzy’s brother is Roddy Ricch.

Personal Life

Glitzy known as Cory Campbell is now 17 years old and definitely big at his age. Not to many kids can accomplish 4 goals all at once and master them. He is currently single and from what I’ve seen over social media a sensitive hard loving boy who has become numb to love to focus on his goals which is totally understandable. He has a small group of friends because he chooses to focus on goals more and his career then to hang out with friends. As much as he’s accomplished he still decides to keep pushing and never take any breaks. He calls it “No sleep until I’m at the top”. Thats a powerful quote for him to use and can put him under lots of stress but it seems he has a strong team (beat maker, cover artist, mixer engineering, personal studio, manager, and etc) and is doing just fine.