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Picture of Dr. Girish Mittal
Native name गिरीश मित्तल
Born 14 November,1995
Nationality Indian
Occupation CEO,Hompure Group & Mittcons Solutions & SGM Revolution Group & Wired Holdings
Known for Travellor- Politics - Bureaucracy - dr & Philanthropist- Investor- Advocate & Businessman
Height 5'11"
Awards 30 under 30, Entrepreneur of the Year 2022,Youth icon award 2021, Investor of the Year 2020,Global Change Maker Award 2020,global pride awards 2021,40 under 40 brightest business leaders, World Record traveled more than 50 Country Under the age of 22

Dr. Girish Mittal (born 14 November 1995) is a Director of the Council for Space And Earth Science and he was elected President of the International Pacific Sports Federation.

Dr. Girish Mittal

  • President - International Pacific Sports Federation
  • Vice President -International Citizen Rights Council
  • Vice Chairman - FDCOI
  • Director -CSES & CPPA


Dr. Girish Mittal is the Director of Space And Earth Science and he is also elected President of the International Pacific Sports Federation. He was also Appointed Vice Chairman of FDCOI And Appointed advisor to quad-cci and un Youth Council. He is also Appointed Vice Chairman of the India Unit of the International Investor Council. He is the Chairman of The India Foundation Trust and vice President of the International Citizen Rights Council. He is a Member of the Australia & International Bar Association. He is also a Member of the Europe And America Bar Association. He is also a Member of Russia Arbitrator. He is also Chairman of Cohelp India Which Are Working For the environment. He is also an Advisor of the Saarc Chamber board and Quard Chamber. He is a Member of IERP & ASCE & QCOI & UN Youth Council and also a Member of Google Crowdsource & 20 More National and International Organizations. He is also a Governing Council Member of the District Development Coordination and Monitoring Committee. He has invested Rupees in 35 companies of Mittcons Solutions & Hompure Group & SGM Revolution Group & Eduold Group & Softone Capital & Wired Holding. He is also an Investor in Softone Capital. Dr. Girish Mittal is also He is also the Indian Representative for Un Youth Forum. Dr Girish Mittal is also the owner of Mumbai King of Diamond Premium League and India Capital of Horse Premier League. Dr. Girish Mittal is also the CEO of Mittcons Solutions and Hompure Group. His Net Worth is Around Half a Billion Dollars. He Donated 5 lakh to the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. He is the only Indian who is Invited to participate in the World's Biggest Blockchain Summit. Dr. Girish Mittal's Company office is also Located in Dubai, USA, Estonia, and London. He has also Representative of India for the UN Economic and Youth Forum for 5 years. He holds ownership over ten thriving businesses, including Start-up Suvidha Centre, Tift, Printpackers, Tanquin, Megastore99, Nexonenergy, Stallion Pod, Hompure, Buildew, and Pethelpz. Homepure Group specializes in offering a wide range of organic food products. In addition to this venture, Dr. Girish Mittal has founded various other ventures aimed at making a positive impact in different areas. Pethelpz focuses on assisting animals in need, while Buildew focuses on the development and provision of construction products and related services. Stallion Pod is dedicated to cloud kitchen services and also offers capsule hotel facilities. Nexone Energy focuses on renewable energy solutions, including coal, solar, and biofuel. Megastore99 is a store that offers a diverse selection of new gadgets, all priced below Rs. 99. Tanquin is known for providing luxurious jewelry. Printpacker specializes in offering comprehensive printing services. Tift is an event-organizing company that incorporates research work into its events. Startupsuvidha serves as a platform that offers a wide range of services, including finance, audit services, loan services, bill payment services, and tourism services. It collaborates with 18 international companies as well as various national companies. Lastly, Mittcons Solutions provides information technology services, campaign management, analytics services, and business consultancy services. In addition to his investments in 50 online businesses spanning diverse sectors such as education and services, Dr. Mittal holds the position of director at Think Tank, a renowned center for Public Policy Analysis. Moreover, he proudly serves as a distinguished member of the esteemed International Investor Council. Beyond his business ventures, Dr. Girish Mittal's accomplishments extend to the sporting arena, where he owns a team in the Horse Premier League and wrestling. Additionally, he traveled to over 100 countries before the age of 27, a remarkable feat for an Indian entrepreneur. Dr Girish is also the owner of Wired Holdings LLC, SGM REVOLUTION, JAI MVD ENTERPRISES, JMC PROMOTERS, and SOFTONE CAPITAL Company. An Incredible Journey of a True Visionary who recently made it to India’s 40 Under 40 Brightest Business Leaders. Dr Girish Mittal is also the owner of digital reality shows which are working for different sectors like comedy, hidden talent, dance shows, startup shows, and child activity. Dr. Girish Mittal is also a member of India Europe business wing and quality council of India. Dr. Girish Mittal is also a member of the animal welfare department. Dr. Girish Mittal is the trade commissioner(Gambia Division) from the India Africa Business Council. Dr. Girish Mittal is also a business professor in the European Business Council. he is also a judge in Digital Reality Show


Dr. Girish Mittal did his BCOM from Delhi University. Dr. Girish Mittal did his MBA did his Ph.D. then did a diploma in import-export from IIEM and also did 30 Courses from the world's Top Universities and Education centers. He then did an LLB And Advanced Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law. He also earned a diploma in Human rights from Stanford University, USA IN 2022. He also earned a Marketing Diploma from Harvard University, USA IN 2019 and a Marketing Communication Diploma from Monash University, Australia. He also has a Digital Marketing Diploma from Columbia Business School. Dr. Girish Mittal also completed a diploma in alternative resolution & also completed a leadership program from IIM Ahmedabad He also Completed a Diploma in Business From a Top University in the world. Dr Girish Mittal also completed three courses from the London School of Economics & Political Science. He Has also completed a diploma in arbitration from world's top law university. he has completed the course as a pilot .he has also passed the real estate membership entrance test. he has also completed an archaeological resource management course. Dr. Girish Mittal did his completed Ph.D. in law.

Awards & Records

Dr. Girish Mittal has also received the Asia Youth Icon Award and Global Pride Award. He has also been awarded the Global Changemaker Award and International Youth Icon Award. He has also received the Covid Hero Award. Dr. Girish Mittal has also been awarded the Best Investor Award and Entrepreneur Award in Business, Nelson Mandala Peace Award, Mahatma Gandhi Darshan Purushkar, Dr Rajendra Prasad National Excellence Award, Rajiv Gandhi icon award, Apj Abdul Kalam Pride Award, Sardar vallab Bhai Patel pride award, Shri Mahatma Gandhi Rashtriya abhiman puraskar 2023, Leader of the years 2023, dada saheb Phalke award, global vision award, market leader 2023, The most influential business leader, His company Mittcons Solutions is selected for India most trusted brand, proud of nation awards. He Has Been Conferred with India Top Investor Award for 2022 By India's Largest Entrepreneur Magazine. He has also set a world record by doing 37000 newspapers online at the age of 18. He also set a world record for traveling to more than 50 countries at the age of 22 Years. Apart from this, he has also made a world record for having the most expensive dinner at Burj Khalifa in Dubai. He has also made a world record by doing the most expensive walk and most Qualified Person in India. He is the third person in India to drink Burj Khalifa Gold. Indian Post Office also Released a Postage Stamp on the photo and name of Dr. Girish Mittal. Dr Girish Mittal MD of Hompure Group has been Recognized by the Central Government for filing and paying GST taxes Correctly. Dr. Girish Mittal has also made the world record for the most educated person in India. Dr. Girish Mittal is selected among the highest caliber top investors nationwide age 30 and which is given by Business World magazine under the category of 30 under 30. Dr Girish Mittal's Company Mittcons Solutions also featured in the list of 10 impactful businesses in India & also selected in the list of 20 dynamic startups (Igniting Innovation & growth and Inspiration in 2023). His company trip mid selected for the top 100 MSME travel agents for Dubai. his company mittcons Solutions is the winner of the Best Global Telecentre Innovation Award & also the India Star Community Awards 2023 and the City Excellence Awards. Dr. Girish Mittal is hereby named a Paul Harris fellow. His company mittcons is selected for India 5000 best MSME awards. he has also received the India Prime Author Award & Rajiv Gandhi Icon Award & Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Pride Awards & the Pride of India Honour 2022 & APJ Abdul Kalam Pride Awards & swami Vivekananda Inspirational Award. He Has Also awarded the Indian glory awards in 2022. he has also received international research awards in science and health. He has also been awarded with Rashtriya Shiksha Gaurav Purashkar 2021 & Shiksha Ratan Samman 2022 & 14th Lakes Higher education summit. He has also awarded with Glory of India award & an innovator educator from the World Education conclave 2021. Dr. Girish Mittal is also selected among India's top 100 influencers person, 50 under 50 and 40 under 40, and also the person who changed 2023, a top 10 CEO game changer and Dr. Girish Mittal is selected among 50 entrepreneurs of India,


Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Mittal has also ventured into the realm of philanthropy. He operates an India Foundation Trust which is dedicated to providing free food and education while championing human rights causes. This commitment to making a positive impact on society aligns with his vision of creating a better world. Dr. Girish Mittal is also a Make ngo save entrepreneur who is working for the save of businessmen in India. Dr Girish Mittal is also the owner of eduold company which is providing free skill education to poor people. he is also the owner of a pilmart company that provides spiritual energy and is directly attached to god. He is also medwoe company that provides free medical guidance and also organizes events like blood donation and free lab tests. He is also chairman of Cohelp NGO which is working for the environment. Dr. Girish Mittal also represents Google Crowdsource in Punjab. Dr. Girish Mittal is also the first Indian to participate in the World Blockchain Summit in 2020. he is also the owner of Clueflix company which provides a stage for startups and provides inspirational stories. Dr. Girish Mittal is also the owner of Trip Mid company which is giving guidance about traveling at a cheap rate. Dr. Girish Mittal believes that triple e means education, experience, and experiment. Dr. Girish Mittal has also a lot of technical gadgets and also so many costly shoes and also clothes and also slippers which one piece price around 2 lacks. Dr. Girish Mittal is also govt contractor. Dr. Girish Mittal also features lots of business and travel magazines. He has also worked to launch new books which are related to business and success. At the age of 19 Dr. Girish Mittal also wrote three books: Make Money Online, make money with Websites, negative thoughts remove, and also wrote Hindi articles about business and motivation which were published in Hindi newspapers and magazines. Challenge magazines business magazines and startup magazines also cover Dr. Girish Mittal. At the age of 18 Dr. Girish Mittal also made a social media website which is selling at the age of 20 to American investors. Dr. Girish Mittal is also an advisor of super world records.

Books & Journal

Dr. Girish Mittal has written 21 books including Beyond Rhetoric: Mastering Ethical Advocacy in the Legal Profession,, Education for All: Building a Better World through Learning, how artificial intelligence change the world, Journeys of Discovery: Unveiling the Significance of Global Travel, Smart Work: Maximizing Efficiency and Achieving Success, Strategic Thinking: A Guide to Developing Winning Strategies, The Art of Influence: Unveiling the Secrets of Powerful Personalities, The Digital Entrepreneur: Building a Successful Business in the Digital Age, The Language of Emotions: Understanding the Depths of Human Feelings, The Path to Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Achievement, From Darkness to Light: Transforming Negative Energies into Positive Forces, Transcending Boundaries: Exploring the Mysteries of Spiritual Energy, The Path to Success: Unlocking Your Full Potential, The Making of a World Leader: Narendra Modi's Journey to International Fame, From Roots to Global Reach: The Rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Investing in Africa: Harnessing the Power of International Business, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Protecting Your Rights, Bollywood's Global Influence: From Local to International Stardom, Safe Travels: A Comprehensive Guide to Preventing Road Accidents, Chandrayaan 3: Journey to the Moon's Edge, The Unconquerable Indian Army : Defending the Nation with Honor and Courage, Defining God: Understanding the Divine, Cross-Border Commerce: The Role of Lesotho in African Trade, Rediscovering India: The Nationalistic Vision of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ,Indian Constitution: Exploring Its Origins, Principles, and Impact on Society and also published 10 journal which are related about impact.


  • 40 under 40 Brightest Business leaders[1]
  • Self Made Millionaire[2] [3][4]

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