Ghost of a Chance/The Enemy Within

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Ghost of a Chance/The Enemy Within  
Ghost of a Chance/The Enemy Within reading
Author(s) Meesum Abidi and Dylan G.
Illustrator Ninjatron
Country Canada
Language English
Series TFcon
Genre(s) Science fiction
Publisher TFcon
Publication date July 27th, 2011 (prelude)
July 30th, 2011 (reading)
Followed by Days of Wreckening

Ghost of a Chance/The Enemy Within is a work of Transformers fan fiction featured as a voice actor play at TFcon 2011. It included two of the original The Transformers and Beast Wars voice actors reprising their past rolls along with fan voice actors playing the other rolls.[1]



During the events on Cybertron in 2005 of The Transformers: The Movie Starscream is being crowned the new leader of the Decepticons when Galvatron arrives and blows him to bits. On the Autobot Shuttle Ultra Magnus asks Perceptor to find a place to set down, and he suggests the planet of junk. Perceptor detects an energy reading coming from the Hall of Warriors on Cybertron. On prehistoric Earth the Maximals are glad to be rid of Starscream, but then Starscream's ghost returns.


To be done...


Autobots Decepticons Maximals Predacons
Generaton 1 Ultra Magnus Generation 1 Starscream Beast Wars Optimus Primal Beast Wars Tarantulas
Generation 1 Perceptor Generation 1 Galvatron Beast Wars Rhinox Beast Wars Waspinator
Beast Wars Cheetor
  • Garry Chalk portrayed Optimus Primal, reprising the roll he played in Beast Wars and Beast Machines.
  • Paul Eiding portrayed Generation 1 Perceptor, reprising the roll he played in The Transformers.
  • member Decepticon Army voiced Snarl.




  1. Meesum Abidi and Dylan G. (w), Ninjatron (a). Ghost of a Chance (July 25th, 2011), Toronto, Canada: TFcon

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