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Gary Doherty Ponishare-verified.png
Born June 17, 1976 (1976-06-17) (age 47)
Derry, Northern Ireland
Nationality Northern Ireland
Occupation Irish Author, Coach, Speaker, and Philanthropist

Gary Doherty (born June 17, 1976) is an Irish author, Coach, Speaker, and Philanthropist. He is a 2 x TED Speaker and has coached many people from idea to delivery, addressing self-limiting beliefs, confidence, idea, preparation, and delivery. Supporting individuals to be the best versions of themselves.[1]

Early Life

Gary Doherty was born on June 17, 1976, in Derry and brought up in the neighboring town of Limavady. He left school and went straight into a regular job in retail.


It was his father-in-law and mentor who injected a life-saving drug of self-belief into Gary, believing in him when no one else did. This set Gary on a relentless crusade, like a formula one car with an unlimited fuel tank. He became determined to make a positive change in the world. His early successes included attending university in his thirties and taking on several business development roles. But Gary always had the urge to be more, to do more; serving others is a passion for him, and that is how he found his own true purpose. THINK Network is his purpose.

As the founder of THINK Network, Gary does not have big dreams, he has massive realities. Gary lives a life of “never been done before.”

THINK Network is Europe’s Number One Empowerment platform, specializing in events, Collaboration, empowerment, Motivation, SPEAKING, Networking, Inspiration, Connecting, and Facilitating. As he explains it, “The purpose of THINK Network is to bring people together, connect, deepen relationships and add real value to the world, whether that be through online events, physical events, workshops or private groups. We are on a mission to make a positive change in the world, one connection at a time. We are and we will. We have seen rapid growth over the last 24 months and have some exciting plans for the rest of this year and beyond.

Gary is responsible for bringing TEDx Derry Londonderry to the City for the first time in history and it took place on 8/2/20.

In addition, Gary hosted the first-ever TEDx Derry Londonderry Women event on 28/11/20 and delivered his very own TED Talk at TEDx Cookstown on 27/11/20. With his talk Think & Grow Rich inspired and the title ‘What if you gave up 3ft from Gold ‘& became a 2 x TED Speaker earlier this year!

He has created the fastest-growing independent empowerment platform in the UK & Ireland with major international collaborations. Next month 15/10 Gary hosts the first-ever TEDx Youth event in the City creating 15-20 teenage TED Speakers!



Gary holds numerous courses every year to help people find their powerful voice, share their stories, change their life. Supporting individuals to be the best versions of themselves. Bringing people together, connect, deepen relationships and add real value to the world, whether that be through online events, physical events, workshops, or private groups.

Honors and Awards

Scholarship Award 2013 Santander, Awarded a Santander Scholarship in appreciation and recognition to the personal dedication applied to the field of study in Business Management.

2.1 University of Ulster

2009 Finishing on an overall average of 67% in the final year narrowly missing out on a 1st class honors degree.

Investor in People Award

2006 Introduced and led the company (Donaghy Bros) on the Investor in People Award journey, successfully gained and received in Hillsborough Castles in County Down. This was a monumental achievement for the company and a first on every level. As a result, featured on a nationwide billboard campaign advertising the award.


In December 2018, Gary founded "The Think Network", intended to offer a variety of resources and programs that will help you in your personal empowerment journey. Gary’s passion is to serve the world and other people. He has helped hundreds of people identify what it is they have to say to the world, develop this and give them a stage to truly shine. Gary stands to promote gender equality Promote respect and fairness. One of his principles is to motivate and inspire people and also to celebrate achievements He also loved to share ideas and knowledge Gary also served as a media volunteer in Elizabeth Finn Care for almost 3 years and 2 months. He was also a business mentor in Young Enterprise NI. He also served as an associate lecturer in Roe Valley Community Education Forum Ltd.[2]


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