Galvatron (Kre-O)

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Transformers character
Kreon Galvatron
Name Galvatron
Series Kre-O Transformers
Alternate modes Cannon
Gender Male
Sub-group Kreons

Galvatron is a fictional character from the Transformers series. He is a Decepticon Kreon.

Kre-O Transformers

Galvatron is a Decepticon Kreon. Scorponok is his rival. Spinister is terrified of him.

Fictional biography

Nothing stands before GALVATRON! I am supreme! I am totally awesome! I am the scariest thing ever to come out of the mouth of a weirdly pudgy planet monster! Look upon me and despair!

Hobby: Conquest

Likes: Disintegrating traitors.

Boss: UniKREON

Animated series

Galvatron appeared in the animated short "Quest for Energon".[1]


  • Kre-0 Transformers Kreon Micro-Changer Galvatron (2012)
Part of the blind packed preview wave of Kreon Micro-Changers. His package has the identifying number 8 as the last digit on the serial number at the bottom of the package.



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