Furious Blade

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Furious Blade

Furious Blade toy
Created by Renderform
Genre Science Fiction

The Furious Blade is a fictional weapon and third-party Transformer accessory made by Renderform in 2023.


The Furious Blade is an original design by Renderform released in 2023.

Due to popular demand, I've updated my old Fury Blade, based on the G2 Laser Optimus Prime's sword, with some added detailing. Its now available for preorder in 3 different colors. Blue, Pink, and Red. The handle is a standard 5mm peg, so it will work with a wide variety of figures. They're $18 USD each plus shipping.

Example photos of the Furious Blade show Optimus Prime with the blue, silver, silver/blue and orange blades, Nemesis Prime with the pink blade, Shattered Glass Megatron with the blue blade, Galvatron with the purple/black blade, Shattered Glass Optimus Prime with the green and Toxicity blades and Scourge with the Carnage, pink and red blades.


The Furious Blade went up for preorder in March 2023 in 3 different colors for $18 each.

In July 2023 a number of "C Grade" Furious Blades were sold on the Renderform site for $9 each.


  • Renderform RW-043B Blue Furious Blade (2023)
  • Renderform RW-043C Carnage Furious Blade (2023)
Limited to 15 pieces.
  • Renderform RW-043G Green Furious Blade (2023)
  • Renderform RW-043O Electro Orange Furious Blade (2023)
  • Renderform RW-043P Pink Furious Blade (2023)
  • Renderform RW-043PB Purple Black Furious Blade (2023)
Limited to 15 pieces.
  • Renderform RW-043R Red Furious Blade (2023)
  • Renderform RW-043S Silver Furious Blade (2023)
  • Renderform RW-043SB Silver Blue Furious Blade (2023)
  • Renderform RW-043T Toxicity Furious Blade (2023)
Limited to 15 pieces.



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